Steel City Metallic Boxes & Covers

PictureSteel City® is the industry-leading product line of metallic switch and outlet boxes used in electrical construction. Since 1904, Steel City® products have symbolized the highest quality standards in manufacturing and innovative design, with one of the most complete offerings available.

Steel City® products are known for their simple improvements, such as being the first box offering to standardize combination slotted/phillips screws on all boxes. Thomas & Betts is also recognized as a leader in design innovation, as in our new metal stud bracket.

​Thomas & Betts continues to listen to contractors and responds to their ever-changing needs. Contact a T&B distributor nearest you to select the right Steel City® product for your requirements

Advantages of Steel City® Boxes and Covers

Notched Ears on Switch Boxes
Steel City® Switch Boxes feature a longer ear and a special notch. This provides clearance for the screws that are used to attach wall plates to GFCI or rocker-type light switchesRaised Ground Screw Bump in 4″ Square, 4546″ and Utility Boxes

  • Quicker surface mounting by eliminating the need to remove the portion of the screw that threads through the back of the box
  • Allows for improved repositioning of grounding conductor
  • Ground bump standard in 21/4″ boxes
  • Ground bump optional in 11/2″ boxes

MS Bracket Boxes

  • Mounts without the use of screws
  • Mounts to the open or closed side of the stud
  • Works on stud depths up to 4″

Eccentric Knockouts on Square Boxes

  • Provide better contact with conduit fitting and locknut to the box, improve grounding path, stronger than 3/4″ knockout
  • Available in all four standard-size square boxes
  • Improved 3/4″ knockout position on square boxes –
  • Less labor required to install 3/4″ conduit to box

Pre-Installed Screws are Packaged in Raised Position
Eliminates extra step of having to back out the screw during cover installation

​Steel City® switch and outlet boxes are protected from rust and corrosion by zinc-galvanizing. All clamps and other component parts are electrogalvanized separately, before assembly in the box, to ensure corrosion protection of every surface. Steel City® galvanized finish meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Federal Specifications.

Knockouts and Pryouts
Steel City® conduit KOs have standard trade size dimensions. KOs are uniform and true for attachment of cable or conduit connectors. Pryouts for cable entrance are slotted — a twist with a screwdriver removes them. KOs and Pryouts are precision stamped to permit easy removal, but remain sufficiently strong and sturdy when not removed.Outlet Box Ears
Mounting ears support the box independent of the electrical system attachments. Switch boxes have a fixed ear for old work installations. Ears for plaster are set 1A6″ forward of the box face in position for old work (modernization), except where specifically noted.Tapped Holes for Grounding
All Steel City® boxes have a 10-32 tapped hole in the bottom of the box for attaching separate ground wire.