Dialight LED Lighting

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Products and solutions that protect your business:
Value Proposition
• 10+ years of maintenance free lighting
• Improved safety, color quality
• Improved temperature rating (T-rating)
• Lower total cost of ownership, quick ROI
• Lower energy consumption by > 50%

• LED lighting for industrial applications

• LED lighting for hazardous applications

• LED lighting for industrial applications

About Dialight
Dialight (LSE: DIA.L) is leading the energy efficient LED lighting revolution around the world for industrial and hazardous areas. For more than 40 years, it has been committed to the development of LED lighting solutions that enable organizations to vastly reduce energy use and maintenance needs, improve safety, ease of disposal and reduce CO2 emissions.
Table of Contents for the Above PDF:
Vigilant® High Efficiency LED Lighting for Industrial Applications
Vigilant® LED Lighting Fixtures for Industrial Applications Overview 6
Vigilant® LED High Bay – 60,000lm 14-15
Vigilant® H2 Series LED High Bay 16-17
Vigilant® LED High Bay 18-20
Vigilant® LED High Bay 480V AC Passive Power Supply 21-22
Vigilant® LED Dual Floodlight 23-24
Vigilant® LED High Bay with DALI or Wireless Controls 25-26
Wireless Occupancy Sensor 27

DuroSite® LED Lighting for Industrial Applications
DuroSite®LED Lighting Fixtures for Industrial Applications Overview 7-8
DuroSite® LED High Bay 28-32
DuroSite® LED Low Bay 33-34
DuroSite® LED Floodlight 34-35
DuroSite®LED End-to-End Linear 36-37
DuroSite® LED Linear – Low Profile 38-39
DuroSite® LED Linear – Top Conduit 40-41
DuroSite® LED Linear – Battery Backup 42
DuroSite®LED Area Light 43-47
DuroSite® LED Wallpack / Bulkhead 48-50
DuroSite® RTO LED Area Light 51-52

SafeSite® LED Lighting for Hazardous Applications
SafeSite® LED Lighting Fixtures for Hazardous Applications Overview 9-10
SafeSite®LED High Bay – High Efficiency 54-57
SafeSite® LED High Bay 58-60
SafeSite® LED Floodlight 61-62
SafeSite® LED End-to-End Linear 63-64
SafeSite®LED Linear – Low Profile 65-66
SafeSite® LED Linear – Top Conduit 67-68
SafeSite® LED Linear – Battery Backup 69-70
SafeSite® LED Linear – Class I Div. 1 71-72
SafeSite®LED Linear – Battery Backup – Class I Div. 1 73-74
SafeSite® LED Area Light 75-82
SafeSite® LED Wallpack / Bulkhead 83-85
SafeSite® RTO LED Area Light 86-87
SafeSite®LED High Bay with DALI or Wireless Controls 61

StreetSense®LED Fixture for Infrastructure Solutions
StreetSense® LED Street Light 88-89

Dialight LED Obstruction Lighting for Signaling Solutions
Obstruction Lighting Solutions Overview 11
FAA Approved Obstruction Lighting Solutions 90-91