Threaded Inserts Cross Reference Guide

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ACME MIL Spec NAS Spec Fairchild Description
216-08000XBX0256Cast In, SCI 2-56
216-08020XBX0256BRSCast In, BCI 2-56
216-080002BX0440Cast In, SCI 4-40
216-080202BX0440BRSCast In, BCI 4-40
216-080003BX0632Cast In, SCI 6-32
216-080203BX0632BRSCast In, BCI 6-32
216-080004BX0832Cast In, SCI 8-32
216-080204BX0832BRSCast In, BCI 8-32
216-080006BX1032Cast In, SCI 10-32
216-080206BX1032BRSCast In, BCI 10-32
216-080008BX428Cast In, SCI 1/4-28
216-080208BX428BRSCast In, BCI 1/4-28
216-080010BX524Cast In, SCI 5/16-24
216-080210BX524BRSCast In, BCI 5/16-24
216-080012BX624Cast In, SCI 3/8-24
216-080212BX624BRSCast In, BCI 3/8-24
216-08010XBXL0256Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 2-56
216-080102BXL0440Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 4-40
216-080103BXL0632Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 6-32
216-080104BXL0832Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 8-32
216-080106BXL1032Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 10-32
216-080108BXL428Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 1/4-28
216-080110BXL524Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 5/16-24
216-080112BXL624Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 3/8-24
217-076288NAS1394C08KN0832JInsert, IBN, SIBN 8-32J
217-080288NAS1394-08KN0832JMXSZInsert, IBN, FIBN 8-32J
217-078288NAS1394CA08KN0832JTInsert, IBN, AIBN 8-32J
217-076321MS51830-105KN1024JInsert, TW, STW 10-24J
217-080321MS51830A105KN1024JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 10-24J
217-078321MS51830CA105KN1024JTInsert, TW, ATW 10-24J
217-076521MS51830-201NAS1394C3KN1032JInsert, TW, STW 10-32J
217-080521MS51830A201KN1032JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 10-32J
217-080521NAS1394-3KN1032JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 10-32J
217-078521MS51830CA201NAS1394CA3KN1032JTInsert, TW, ATW 10-32J
217-076322MS51830-106KN420JInsert, TW, STW 1/4-20J
217-080322MS51830A106KN420JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 1/4-20J
217-078322MS51830CA106KN420JTInsert, TW, ATW 1/4-20J
217-076522MS51830-202NAS1394C4KN428JInsert, TW, STW 1/4-28J
217-080522MS51830A202KN428JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 1/4-28J
217-080522NAS1394-4KN428JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 1/4-28J
217-078522MS51830CA202NAS1394CA4KN428JTInsert, TW, ATW 1/4-28J
217-076323MS51830-107KN518JInsert, TW, STW 5/16-18J
217-080323MS51830A107KN518JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 5/16-18J
217-078323MS51830CA107KN518JTInsert, TW, ATW 5/16-18J
217-076523MS51830-203NAS1394C5KN524JInsert, TW, STW 5/16-24J
217-080523MS51830A203KN524JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 5/16-24J
217-080523NAS1394-5KN524JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 5/16-24J
217-078523MS51830CA203NAS1394CA5KN524JTInsert, TW, ATW 5/16-24J
217-076324MS51830-108KN616JInsert, TW, STW 3/8-16J
217-080324MS51830A108KN616JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 3/8-16J
217-078324MS51830CA108KN616JTInsert, TW, ATW 3/8-16J
217-076524MS51830-204NAS1394C6KN624JInsert, TW, STW 3/8-24J
217-080524MS51830A204KN624JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 3/8-24J
217-080524NAS1394-6KN624JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 3/8-24J
217-078524 MS51830CA204NAS1394CA6KN624JTInsert, TW, ATW 3/8-24J
217-076325MS51830-109KN714JInsert, TW, STW 7/16-14J
217-080325MS51830A109KN714JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 7/16-14J
217-078325MS51830CA109KN714JTInsert, TW, ATW 7/16-14J
217-076525MS51830-205NAS1394C7KN720JInsert, TW, STW 7/16-20J
217-080525MS51830A205KN720JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 7/16-20J
217-080525NAS1394-7KN720JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 7/16-20J
217-078525MS51830CA205NAS1394CA7KN720JTInsert, TW, ATW 7/16-20J
217-076326MS51830-110KN813JInsert, TW, STW 1/2-13J
217-080326MS51830A110KN813JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 1/2-13J
217-078326MS51830CA110KN813JTInsert, TW, ATW 1/2-13J
217-076526MS51830-206NAS1394C8KN820JInsert, TW, STW 1/2-20J
217-080526MS51830A206KN820JMXSYInsert, TW, FTW 1/2-20J
217-080526NAS1394-8KN820JMXSZInsert, TW, FTW 1/2-20J
217-078526MS51830CA206NAS1394CA8KN820JTInsert, TW, ATW 1/2-20J
218-083321KNB1024JBlind End, TW, SBT 10-24J
218-085921KNB1024JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 10-24J
218-084621KNB1024JTBlind End, TW, ABT 10-24J
218-083521KNB1032JBlind End, TW, SBT 10-32J
218-086121KNB1032JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 10-32J
218-084821KNB1032JTBlind End, TW, ABT 10-32J
218-083322KNB420JBlind End, TW, SBT 1/4-20J
218-085922KNB420JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 1/4-20J
218-084622KNB420JTBlind End, TW, ABT 1/4-20J
218-083522KNB428JBlind End, TW, SBT 1/4-28J
218-086122KNB428JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 1/4-28J
218-084822KNB428JTBlind End, TW, ABT 1/4-28J
218-083323KNB518JBlind End, TW, SBT 5/16-18J
218-085923KNB518JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 5/16-18J
218-084623KNB518JTBlind End, TW, ABT 5/16-18J
218-083523KNB524JBlind End, TW, SBT 5/16-24J
218-086123KNB524JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 5/16-24J
218-084823KNB524JTBlind End, TW, ABT 5/16-24J
218-083324KNB616JBlind End, TW, SBT 3/8-16J
218-085924KNB616JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 3/8-16J
218-084624KNB616JTBlind End, TW, ABT 3/8-16J
218-083524KNB624JBlind End, TW, SBT 3/8-24J
218-086124KNB624JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 3/8-24J
218-084824KNB624JTBlind End, TW, ABT 3/8-24J
218-083325KNB714JBlind End, TW, SBT 7/16-14J
218-085925 KNB714JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 7/16-14J
218-084625KNB714JTBlind End, TW, ABT 7/16-14J
218-083525KNB720JBlind End, TW, SBT 7/16-20J
218-086125KNB720JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 7/16-20J
218-084825KNB720JTBlind End, TW, ABT 7/16-20J
218-083326KNB813JBlind End, TW, SBT 1/2-13J
218-085926KNB813JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 1/2-13J
218-084626KNB813JTBlind End, TW, ABT 1/2-13J
218-083526KNB820JBlind End, TW, SBT 1/2-20J
218-086126KNB820JMXBlind End, TW, FBT 1/2-20J
218-084826KNB820JTBlind End, TW, ABT 1/2-20J
218-084321KNBL1024JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 10-24J
218-086921KNBL1024JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 10-24J
218-085621KNBL1024JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 10-24J
218-084521KNBL1032JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 10-32J
218-087121KNBL1032JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 10-32J
218-085821KNBL1032JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 10-32J
218-084322KNBL420JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 1/4-20J
218-086922KNBL420JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 1/4-20J
218-085622KNBL420JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 1/4-20J
218-084522KNBL428JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 1/4-28J
218-087122 KNBL428JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 1/4-28J
218-085822KNBL428JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 1/4-28J
218-084323KNBL518JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 5/16-18J
218-086923KNBL518JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 5/16-18J
218-085623KNBL518JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 5/16-18J
218-084523KNBL524JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 5/16-24J
218-087123KNBL524JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 5/16-24J
218-085823KNBL524JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 5/16-24J
218-084324KNBL616JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 3/8-16J
218-086924KNBL616JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 3/8-16J
218-085624KNBL616JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 3/8-16J
218-084524KNBL624JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 3/8-24J
218-087124KNBL624JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 3/8-24J
218-085824KNBL624JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 3/8-24J
218-084325KNBL714JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 7/16-14J
218-086925KNBL714JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 7/16-14J
218-085625KNBL714JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 7/16-14J
218-084525KNBL720JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 7/16-20J
218-087125KNBL720JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 7/16-20J
218-085825KNBL720JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 7/16-20J
218-084326KNBL813JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 1/2-13J
218-086926KNBL813JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 1/2-13J
218-085626KNBL813JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 1/2-13J
218-084526KNBL820JBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, SBTL 1/2-20J
218-087126KNBL820JMXBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, FBTL 1/2-20J
218-085826KNBL820JTBlind End, TW, Thread Locking, ABTL 1/2-20J
217-076281KNC0080JInsert, IB, SIB 0-80J
217-076285MS51830-103KNC0632JInsert, IB, SIB 6-32J
217-080285MS51830A103KNC0632JMXSYInsert, IB, FIB 6-32J
217-078285MS51830CA103KNC0632JTInsert, IB, AIB 6-32J
217-076283MS51830-101KNCA0256JInsert, IB, SIB 2-56J
217-080283MS51830A101KNCA0256JMXSYInsert, IB, FIB 2-56J
217-078283MS51830CA101KNCA0256JTInsert, IB, AIB 2-56J
217-076284MS51830-102KNCA0440JInsert, IB, SIB 4-40J
217-080284MS51830A102KNCA0440JMXSYInsert, IB, FIB 4-40J
217-078284MS51830CA102KNCA0440JTInsert, IB, AIB 4-40J
217-076286MS51830-104KNCA0832JInsert, IB, SIB 8-32J
217-080286MS51830A104KNCA0832JMXSYInsert, IB, FIB 8-32J
217-078286MS51830CA104KNCA0832JTInsert, IB, AIB 8-32J
217-077283MS51830-101LKNCAL0256JInsert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL 2-56J
217-081283MS51830A101LKNCAL0256JMXSYInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL 2-56J
217-079283MS51830CA101LKNCAL0256JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL 2-56J
217-077284MS51830-102LKNCAL0440JInsert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL 4-40J
217-081284MS51830A102LKNCAL0440JMXSYInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL 4-40J
217-079284MS51830CA102LKNCAL0440JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL 4-40J
217-077286MS51830-104LKNCAL0832JInsert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL 8-32J
217-081286MS51830A104LKNCAL0832JMXSYInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL 8-32J
217-079286MS51830CA104LKNCAL0832JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL 8-32J
218-083290KNCB0256JBlind End, IB, SBI 2-56J
218-085890KNCB0256JMXBlind End, IB, FBI 2-56J
218-084590KNCB0256JTBlind End, IB, ABI 2-56J
218-083291KNCB0440JBlind End, IB, SBI 4-40J
218-085891KNCB0440JMXBlind End, IB, FBI 4-40J
218-084591KNCB0440JTBlind End, IB, ABI 4-40J
218-083292KNCB0632JBlind End, IB, SBI 6-32J
218-085892KNCB0632JMXBlind End, IB, FBI 6-32J
218-084592KNCB0632JTBlind End, IB, ABI 6-32J
218-083294KNCB0832J Blind End, IB, SBI 8-32J
218-085894KNCB0832JMXBlind End, IB, FBI 8-32J
218-084594KNCB0832JTBlind End, IB, ABI 8-32J
218-084290KNCBL0256JBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, SBIL 2-56J
218-086890KNCBL0256JMXBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, FBIL 2-56J
218-085590KNCBL0256JTBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, ABIL 2-56J
218-084291KNCBL0440JBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, SBIL 4-40J
218-086891KNCBL0440JMXBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, FBIL 4-40J
218-085591KNCBL0440JTBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, ABIL 4-40J
218-084292KNCBL0632JBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, SBIL 6-32J
218-086892KNCBL0632JMXBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, FBIL 6-32J
218-085592KNCBL0632JTBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, ABIL 6-32J
218-084294KNCBL0832JBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, SBIL 8-32J
218-086894KNCBL0832JMXBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, FBIL 8-32J
218-085594KNCBL0832JTBlind End, IB, Thread Locking, ABIL 8-32J
217-076282KNCC0256JInsert, IB, SIB 2-56J
217-077282KNCCL0256JInsert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL 2-56J
217-077285MS51830-103LKNCL0632JInsert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL 6-32J
217-081285MS51830A103LKNCL0632JMXSYInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL 6-32J
217-079285MS51830CA103LKNCL0632JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL 6-32J
217-07838XNA0147-016KNCM1.6x0.35TInsert, IB, AIB MJ1.6X0.35
217-076383KNCM2.5x0.45Insert, IB, SIB MJ2.5X0.45
217-080383NA0146-025KNCM2.5X0.45MXSZInsert, IB, FIB MJ2.5X0.45
217-078383NA0147-025KNCM2.5x0.45TInsert, IB, AIB MJ2.5X0.45
217-076382KNCM2x0.4Insert, IB, SIB MJ2X0.4
217-080382NA0146-020KNCM2X0.4MXSZInsert, IB, FIB MJ2X0.4
217-078382NA0147-020KNCM2x0.4TInsert, IB, AIB MJ2X0.4
217-080385NA0146-035KNCM3.5X0.6MXSZInsert, IB, FIB MJ3.5X0.6
217-078385NA0147-035KNCM3.5x0.6TInsert, IB, AIB MJ3.5X0.6
217-076384KNCM3x0.5Insert, IB, SIB MJ3X0.5
217-080384NA0146-030KNCM3X0.5MXSZInsert, IB, FIB MJ3X0.5
217-078384NA0147-030KNCM3x0.5TInsert, IB, AIB MJ3X0.5
217-076386KNCM4x0.7Insert, IB, SIB MJ4X0.7
217-080386NA0146-040KNCM4X0.7MXSZInsert, IB, FIB MJ4X0.7
217-078386NA0147-040KNCM4x0.7TInsert, IB, AIB MJ4X0.7
217-07938XNA0147E016KNCML1.6x0.35TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ1.6X0.35
217-077383KNCML2.5x0.45Insert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL MJ2.5X0.45
217-081383KNCML2.5X0.45MXSZInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL MJ2.5X0.45
217-079383KNCML2.5x0.45TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ2.5X0.45
217-077382KNCML2x0.4Insert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL MJ2X0.4
217-081382KNCML2X0.4MXSZInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL MJ2X0.4
217-079382KNCML2x0.4TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ2X0.4
217-081385NA0146E035KNCML3.5X0.6MXSZInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL MJ3.5X0.6
217-079385NA0147E035KNCML3.5x0.6TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ3.5X0.6
217-077384KNCML3x0.5Insert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL MJ3X0.5
217-081384NA0146E030KNCML3X0.5MXSZInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL MJ3X0.5
217-079384NA0147E030KNCML3x0.5TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ3X0.5
217-077386KNCML4x0.7Insert, IB, Thread Locking, SIBL MJ4X0.7
217-081386NA0146E040KNCML4X0.7MXSZInsert, IB, Thread Locking, FIBL MJ4X0.7
217-079386NA0147E040KNCML4x0.7TInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBL MJ4X0.7
217-076290NAS1395C04KNH0440JInsert, IBN, SIBN 4-40J
217-080290NAS1395-04KNH0440JMXSZInsert, IBN, FIBN 4-40J
217-078290NAS1395CA04KNH0440JTInsert, IBN, AIBN 4-40J
217-076291NAS1395C06KNH0632JInsert, IBN, SIBN 6-32J
217-080291NAS1395-06KNH0632JMXSZInsert, IBN, FIBN 6-32J
217-078291NAS1395CA06KNH0632JTInsert, IBN, AIBN 6-32J
217-076300NAS1395C08KNH0832JInsert, HD, SHD 8-32J
217-080300NAS1395-08KNH0832JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 8-32J
217-078300NAS1395CA08KNH0832JTInsert, HD, AHD 8-32J
217-076308MS51831-108KNH1011JInsert, HD, SHD 5/8-11J
217-080308MS51831A108KNH1011JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 5/8-11J
217-078308MS51831CA108KNH1011JTInsert, HD, AHD 5/8-11J
217-076508MS51831-208NAS1395C10KNH1018JInsert, HD, SHD 5/8-18J
217-080508MS51831A208KNH1018JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 5/8-18J
217-080508NAS1395-10KNH1018JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 5/8-18J
217-078508MS51831CA208NAS1395CA10KNH1018JTInsert, HD, AHD 5/8-18J
217-076301MS51831-101KNH1024JInsert, HD, SHD 10-24J
217-080301MS51831A101KNH1024JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 10-24J
217-078301MS51831CA101KNH1024JTInsert, HD, AHD 10-24J
217-076501MS51831-201NAS1395C3KNH1032JInsert, HD, SHD 10-32J
217-080501MS51831A201KNH1032JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 10-32J
217-080501NAS1395-3KNH1032JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 10-32J
217-078501MS51831CA201NAS1395CA3KNH1032JTInsert, HD, AHD 10-32J
217-076309MS51831-109KNH1210JInsert, HD, SHD 3/4-10J
217-080309MS51831A109KNH1210JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 3/4-10J
217-078309MS51831CA109KNH1210JTInsert, HD, AHD 3/4-10J
217-076509MS51831-209KNH1216JInsert, HD, SHD 3/4-16J
217-080509MS51831A209KNH1216JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 3/4-16J
217-080509NAS1395-11KNH1216JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 3/4-16J
217-078509MS51831CA209KNH1216JTInsert, HD, AHD 3/4-16J
217-076310MS51831-110KNH1409JInsert, HD, SHD 7/8-9J
217-080310MS51831A110KNH1409JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 7/8-9J
217-078310MS51831CA110KNH1409JTInsert, HD, AHD 7/8-9J
217-076510MS51831-210KNH1414JInsert, HD, SHD 7/8-14J
217-080510MS51831A210KNH1414JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 7/8-14J
217-078510MS51831CA210KNH1414JTInsert, HD, AHD 7/8-14J
217-076311MS51831-111KNH1608JInsert, HD, SHD 1"-8J
217-080311MS51831A111KNH1608JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1"-8J
217-078311MS51831CA111KNH1608JTInsert, HD, AHD 1"-8J
217-076511MS51831-211KNH1612JInsert, HD, SHD 1"-12J
217-080511MS51831A211KNH1612JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1"-12J
217-078511MS51831CA211KNH1612JTInsert, HD, AHD 1"-12J
217-076302MS51831-102KNH420JInsert, HD, SHD 1/4-20J
217-080302MS51831A102KNH420JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1/4-20J
217-078302MS51831CA102KNH420JTInsert, HD, AHD 1/4-20J
217-076502MS51831-202NAS1395C4KNH428JInsert, HD, SHD 1/4-28J
217-080502MS51831A202KNH428JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1/4-28J
217-080502NAS1395-4KNH428JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 1/4-28J
217-078502MS51831CA202NAS1395CA4KNH428JTInsert, HD, AHD 1/4-28J
217-076303MS51831-103KNH518JInsert, HD, SHD 5/16-18J
217-080303MS51831A103KNH518JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 5/16-18J
217-078303MS51831CA103KNH518JTInsert, HD, AHD 5/16-18J
217-076503MS51831-203NAS1395C5KNH524JInsert, HD, SHD 5/16-24J
217-080503MS51831A203KNH524JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 5/16-24J
217-080503NAS1395-5KNH524JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 5/16-24J
217-078503MS51831CA203NAS1395CA5KNH524JTInsert, HD, AHD 5/16-24J
217-076304MS51831-104KNH616JInsert, HD, SHD 3/8-16J
217-080304MS51831A104KNH616JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 3/8-16J
217-078304MS51831CA104KNH616JTInsert, HD, AHD 3/8-16J
217-076504MS51831-204NAS1395C6KNH624JInsert, HD, SHD 3/8-24J
217-080504MS51831A204KNH624JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 3/8-24J
217-080504NAS1395-6KNH624JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 3/8-24J
217-078504MS51831CA204NAS1395CA6KNH624JTInsert, HD, AHD 3/8-24J
217-076305MS51831-105KNH714JInsert, HD, SHD 7/16-14J
217-080305MS51831A105KNH714JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 7/16-14J
217-078305MS51831CA105KNH714JTInsert, HD, AHD 7/16-14J
217-076505MS51831-205NAS1395C7KNH720JInsert, HD, SHD 7/16-20J
217-080505MS51831A205KNH720JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 7/16-20J
217-080505NAS1395-7KNH720JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 7/16-20J
217-078505MS51831CA205NAS1395CA7KNH720JTInsert, HD, AHD 7/16-20J
217-076306MS51831-106KNH813JInsert, HD, SHD 1/2-13J
217-080306MS51831A106KNH813JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1/2-13J
217-078306MS51831CA106KNH813JTInsert, HD, AHD 1/2-13J
217-076506MS51831-206NAS1395C8KNH820JInsert, HD, SHD 1/2-20J
217-080506MS51831A206KNH820JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 1/2-20J
217-080506NAS1395-8KNH820JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 1/2-20J
217-078506MS51831CA206NAS1395CA8KNH820JTInsert, HD, AHD 1/2-20J
217-076307MS51831-107KNH912JInsert, HD, SHD 9/16-12J
217-080307MS51831A107KNH912JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 9/16-12J
217-078307MS51831CA107KNH912JTInsert, HD, AHD 9/16-12J
217-076507MS51831-207NAS1395C9KNH918JInsert, HD, SHD 9/16-18J
217-080507MS51831A207KNH918JMXSYInsert, HD, FHD 9/16-18J
217-080507NAS1395-9KNH918JMXSZInsert, HD, FHD 9/16-18J
217-078507MS51831CA207NAS1395CA9KNH918JTInsert, HD, AHD 9/16-18J
218-083300KNHB0832JBlind End, HD, SBH 8-32J
218-085900KNHB0832JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 8-32J
218-084600KNHB0832JTBlind End, HD, ABH 8-32J
218-083308KNHB1011JBlind End, HD, SBH 5/8-11J
218-085908KNHB1011JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 5/8-11J
218-084608KNHB1011JTBlind End, HD, ABH 5/8-11J
218-083508KNHB1018JBlind End, HD, SBH 5/8-18J
218-086108KNHB1018JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 5/8-18J
218-084808KNHB1018JTBlind End, HD, ABH 5/8-18J
218-083301KNHB1024JBlind End, HD, SBH 10-24J
218-085901KNHB1024JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 10-24J
218-084601KNHB1024JTBlind End, HD, ABH 10-24J
218-083501KNHB1032JBlind End, HD, SBH 10-32J
218-086101KNHB1032JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 10-32J
218-084801KNHB1032JTBlind End, HD, ABH 10-32J
218-083309KNHB1210JBlind End, HD, SBH 3/4-10J
218-085909KNHB1210JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 3/4-10J
218-084609KNHB1210JTBlind End, HD, ABH 3/4-10J
218-083509KNHB1216JBlind End, HD, SBH 3/4-16J
218-086109KNHB1216JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 3/4-16J
218-084809KNHB1216JTBlind End, HD, ABH 3/4-16J
218-083310KNHB1409JBlind End, HD, SBH 7/8-9J
218-085910KNHB1409JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 7/8-9J
218-084610KNHB1409JTBlind End, HD, ABH 7/8-9J
218-083510KNHB1414JBlind End, HD, SBH 7/8-14J
218-086110KNHB1414JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 7/8-14J
218-084810KNHB1414JTBlind End, HD, ABH 7/8-14J
218-083311KNHB1608JBlind End, HD, SBH 1-8J
218-085911KNHB1608JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1-8J
218-084611KNHB1608JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1-8J
218-083511KNHB1612JBlind End, HD, SBH 1-12J
218-086111KNHB1612JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1-12J
218-084811KNHB1612JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1-12J
218-083302KNHB420JBlind End, HD, SBH 1/4-20J
218-085902KNHB420JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1/4-20J
218-084602KNHB420JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1/4-20J
218-083502KNHB428JBlind End, HD, SBH 1/4-28J
218-086102KNHB428JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1/4-28J
218-084802KNHB428JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1/4-28J
218-083303KNHB518JBlind End, HD, SBH 5/16-18J
218-085903 KNHB518JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 5/16-18J
218-084603KNHB518JTBlind End, HD, ABH 5/16-18J
218-083503KNHB524JBlind End, HD, SBH 5/16-24J
218-086103KNHB524JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 5/16-24J
218-084803KNHB524JTBlind End, HD, ABH 5/16-24J
218-083304KNHB616JBlind End, HD, SBH 3/8-16J
218-085904KNHB616JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 3/8-16J
218-084604KNHB616JTBlind End, HD, ABH 3/8-16J
218-083504KNHB624JBlind End, HD, SBH 3/8-24J
218-086104KNHB624JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 3/8-24J
218-084804KNHB624JTBlind End, HD, ABH 3/8-24J
218-083305KNHB714JBlind End, HD, SBH 7/16-14J
218-085905KNHB714JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 7/16-14J
218-084605KNHB714JTBlind End, HD, ABH 7/16-14J
218-083505KNHB720JBlind End, HD, SBH 7/16-20J
218-086105KNHB720JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 7/16-20J
218-084805KNHB720JTBlind End, HD, ABH 7/16-20J
218-083306KNHB813JBlind End, HD, SBH 1/2-13J
218-085906KNHB813JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1/2-13J
218-084606KNHB813JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1/2-13J
218-083506KNHB820JBlind End, HD, SBH 1/2-20J
218-086106KNHB820JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 1/2-20J
218-084806KNHB820JTBlind End, HD, ABH 1/2-20J
218-083307KNHB912JBlind End, HD, SBH 9/16-12J
218-085907KNHB912JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 9/16-12J
218-084607KNHB912JTBlind End, HD, ABH 9/16-12J
218-083507KNHB918JBlind End, HD, SBH 9/16-18J
218-086107KNHB918JMXBlind End, HD, FBH 9/16-18J
218-084807KNHB918JTBlind End, HD, ABH 9/16-18J
218-084300KNHBL0832JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 8-32J
218-086900KNHBL0832JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 8-32J
218-085600KNHBL0832JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 8-32J
218-084308KNHBL1011JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 5/8-11J
218-086908KNHBL1011JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 5/8-11J
218-085608KNHBL1011JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 5/8-11J
218-084508KNHBL1018JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 5/8-18J
218-087108KNHBL1018JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 5/8-18J
218-085808KNHBL1018JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 5/8-18J
218-084301KNHBL1024JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 10-24J
218-086901KNHBL1024JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 10-24J
218-085601KNHBL1024JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 10-24J
218-084501KNHBL1032JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 10-32J
218-087101KNHBL1032JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 10-32J
218-085801KNHBL1032JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 10-32J
218-084309KNHBL1210JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 3/4-10J
218-086909KNHBL1210JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 3/4-10J
218-085609KNHBL1210JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 3/4-10J
218-084509KNHBL1216JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 3/4-16J
218-087109KNHBL1216JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 3/4-16J
218-085809KNHBL1216JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 3/4-16J
218-084310KNHBL1409JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 7/8-9J
218-086910KNHBL1409JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 7/8-9J
218-085610KNHBL1409JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 7/8-9J
218-084510KNHBL1414JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 7/8-14J
218-087110KNHBL1414JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 7/8-14J
218-085810KNHBL1414JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 7/8-14J
218-084311KNHBL1608JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1-8J
218-086911KNHBL1608JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1-8J
218-085611KNHBL1608JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1-8J
218-084511KNHBL1612JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1-12J
218-087111KNHBL1612JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1-12J
218-085811KNHBL1612JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1-12J
218-084302KNHBL420JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1/4-20J
218-086902KNHBL420JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1/4-20J
218-085602KNHBL420JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1/4-20J
218-084502KNHBL428JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1/4-28J
218-087102KNHBL428JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1/4-28J
218-085802KNHBL428JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1/4-28J
218-084303KNHBL518JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 5/16-18J
218-086903KNHBL518JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 5/16-18J
218-085603KNHBL518JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 5/16-18J
218-084503KNHBL524JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 5/16-24J
218-087103KNHBL524JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 5/16-24J
218-085803KNHBL524JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 5/16-24J
218-084304KNHBL616JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 3/8-16J
218-086904KNHBL616JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 3/8-16J
218-085604KNHBL616JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 3/8-16J
218-084504KNHBL624JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 3/8-24J
218-087104KNHBL624JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 3/8-24J
218-085804KNHBL624JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 3/8-24J
218-084305KNHBL714JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 7/16-14J
218-086905KNHBL714JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 7/16-14J
218-085605KNHBL714JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 7/16-14J
218-084505KNHBL720JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 7/16-20J
218-087105KNHBL720JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 7/16-20J
218-085805KNHBL720JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 7/16-20J
218-084306KNHBL813JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1/2-13J
218-086906KNHBL813JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1/2-13J
218-085606KNHBL813JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1/2-13J
218-084506KNHBL820JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 1/2-20J
218-087106KNHBL820JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 1/2-20J
218-085806KNHBL820JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 1/2-20J
218-084307KNHBL912JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 9/16-12J
218-086907KNHBL912JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 9/16-12J
218-085607KNHBL912JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 9/16-12J
218-084507KNHBL918JBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, SBHL 9/16-18J
218-087107KNHBL918JMXBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, FBHL 9/16-18J
218-085807KNHBL918JTBlind End, HD, Thread Locking, ABHL 9/16-18J
217-077290NAS1395C04LKNHL0440JInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, SIBNL 4-40J
217-081290NAS1395-04LKNHL0440JMXSZInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, FIBNL 4-40J
217-079290NAS1395CA04LKNHL0440JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBNL 4-40J
217-077291NAS1395C06LKNHL0632JInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, SIBNL 6-32J
217-081291NAS1395-06LKNHL0632JMXSZInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, FIBNL 6-32J
217-079291NAS1395CA06LKNHL0632JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBNL 6-32J
217-077300NAS1395C08LKNHL0832JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 8-32J
217-081300NAS1395-08LKNHL0832JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 8-32J
217-079300NAS1395CA08LKNHL0832JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 8-32J
217-077308MS51831-108LKNHL1011JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/8-11J
217-081308MS51831A108LKNHL1011JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/8-11J
217-079308MS51831CA108LKNHL1011JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 5/8-11J
217-077508MS51831-208LNAS1395C10LKNHL1018JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/8-18J
217-081508MS51831A208LKNHL1018JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/8-18J
217-081508NAS1395-10LKNHL1018JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/8-18J
217-079508MS51831CA208LNAS1395CA10LKNHL1018JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 5/8-18J
217-077301MS51831-101LKNHL1024JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 10-24J
217-081301MS51831A101LKNHL1024JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 10-24J
217-079301MS51831CA101LKNHL1024JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 10-24J
217-077501MS51831-201LNAS1395C3LKNHL1032JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 10-32J
217-081501MS51831A201LKNHL1032JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 10-32J
217-081501NAS1395-3LKNHL1032JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 10-32J
217-079501MS51831CA201LNAS1395CA3LKNHL1032JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 10-32J
217-077309MS51831-109LKNHL1210JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/4-10J
217-081309MS51831A109LKNHL1210JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/4-10J
217-079309MS51831CA109LKNHL1210JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 3/4-10J
217-077509MS51831-209LKNHL1216JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/4-16J
217-081509MS51831A209LKNHL1216JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/4-16J
217-081509NAS1395-11LKNHL1216JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/4-16J
217-079509MS51831CA209LKNHL1216JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 3/4-16J
217-077310MS51831-110LKNHL1409JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/8-9J
217-081310MS51831A110LKNHL1409JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 7/8-9J
217-079310MS51831CA110LKNHL1409JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 7/8-9J
217-077510MS51831-210LKNHL1414JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/8-14J
217-081510MS51831A210LKNHL1414JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 7/8-14J
217-079510MS51831CA210LKNHL1414JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 7/8-14J
217-077311MS51831-111LKNHL1608JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1"-8J
217-081311MS51831A111LKNHL1608JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1"-8J
217-079311MS51831CA111LKNHL1608JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1"-8J
217-077511MS51831-211LKNHL1612JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1"-12J
217-081511MS51831A211LKNHL1612JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1"-12J
217-079511MS51831CA211LKNHL1612JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1"-12J
217-077302MS51831-102LKNHL420JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/4-20J
217-081302MS51831A102LKNHL420JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/4-20J
217-079302MS51831CA102LKNHL420JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1/4-20J
217-077502MS51831-202LNAS1395C4LKNHL428JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/4-28J
217-081502MS51831A202LKNHL428JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/4-28J
217-081502NAS1395-4LKNHL428JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/4-28J
217-079502MS51831CA202LNAS1395CA4LKNHL428JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1/4-28J
217-077303MS51831-103LKNHL518JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/16-18J
217-081303MS51831A103LKNHL518JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/16-18J
217-079303MS51831CA103LKNHL518JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 5/16-18J
217-077503MS51831-203LNAS1395C5LKNHL524JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/16-24J
217-081503MS51831A203LKNHL524JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/16-24J
217-081503NAS1395-5LKNHL524JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 5/16-24J
217-079503MS51831CA203LNAS1395CA5LKNHL524JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 5/16-24J
217-077304MS51831-104LKNHL616JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/8-16J
217-081304MS51831A104LKNHL616JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/8-16J
217-079304MS51831CA104LKNHL616JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 3/8-16J
217-077504MS51831-204LNAS1395C6LKNHL624JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/8-24J
217-081504MS51831A204LKNHL624JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/8-24J
217-081504NAS1395-6LKNHL624JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 3/8-24J
217-079504MS51831CA204LNAS1395CA6LKNHL624JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 3/8-24J
217-077305MS51831-105LKNHL714JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/16-14J
217-081305MS51831A105LKNHL714JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 7/16-14J
217-079305MS51831CA105LKNHL714JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 7/16-14J
217-077505MS51831-205LNAS1395C7LKNHL720JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/16-20J
217-081505MS51831A205LKNHL720JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 7/16-20J
217-081505NAS1395-7LKNHL720JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 7/16-20J
217-079505MS51831CA205LNAS1395CA7LKNHL720JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 7/16-20J
217-077306MS51831-106LKNHL813JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/2-13J
217-081306MS51831A106LKNHL813JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/2-13J
217-079306MS51831CA106LKNHL813JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1/2-13J
217-077506MS51831-206LNAS1395C8LKNHL820JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/2-20J
217-081506MS51831A206LKNHL820JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/2-20J
217-081506NAS1395-8LKNHL820JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 1/2-20J
217-079506MS51831CA206LNAS1395CA8LKNHL820JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 1/2-20J
217-077307MS51831-107LKNHL912JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 9/16-12J
217-081307MS51831A107LKNHL912JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 9/16-12J
217-079307MS51831CA107LKNHL912JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 9/16-12J
217-077507MS51831-207LNAS1395C9LKNHL918JInsert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 9/16-18J
217-081507MS51831A207LKNHL918JMXSYInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 9/16-18J
217-081507NAS1395-9LKNHL918JMXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL 9/16-18J
217-079507MS51831CA207LNAS1395CA9LKNHL918JTInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL 9/16-18J
217-076567KNHM10X1.25Insert, HD, SHD MJ10X1.25
215-066167KNHM10X1.25FInsert, HD, CHD M 10 X 1.25
217-080567NA0150-100KNHM10X1.25MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ10X1.25
217-078567NA0151-100KNHM10x1.25TInsert, HD, AHD MJ10X1.25
217-076367KNHM10x1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ10X1.5
215-065967KNHM10X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 10 X 1.5
217-080367KNHM10X1.5MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ10X1.5
217-078367KNHM10x1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ10X1.5
217-076569KNHM12X1.25Insert, HD, SHD MJ12X1.25
215-066169KNHM12X1.25FInsert, HD, CHD M 12 X 1.25
217-080569NA0150-120KNHM12X1.25MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ12X1.25
217-078569NA0151-120KNHM12X1.25TInsert, HD, AHD MJ12X1.25
217-07636XKNHM12x1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ12X1.5
217-076369KNHM12x1.75Insert, HD, SHD MJ12X1.75
215-065969KNHM12X1.75FInsert, HD, CHD M 12 X 1.75
217-080369KNHM12X1.75MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ12X1.75
217-078369KNHM12X1.75TInsert, HD, AHD MJ12X1.75
217-076570KNHM14X1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ14X1.5
215-066170KNHM14X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 14 X 1.5
217-080570NA0150-140KNHM14X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ14X1.5
217-078570NA0151-140KNHM14X1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ14X1.5
217-076370KNHM14x2.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ14X2.0
217-080370KNHM14X2.0MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ14X2.0
217-078370KNHM14X2.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ14X2.0
215-065970KNHM14X2FInsert, HD, CHD M 14 X 2.0
217-076571KNHM16X1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ16X1.5
215-066171KNHM16X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 16 X 1.5
217-080571NA0150-160KNHM16X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ16X1.5
217-078571NA0151-160KNHM16X1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ16X1.5
217-076371KNHM16x2.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ16X2.0
217-080371KNHM16X2.0MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ16X2.0
217-078371KNHM16X2.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ16X2.0
217-076572KNHM18X1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ18X1.5
215-066172KNHM18X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 18 X 1.5
217-080572NA0150-180KNHM18X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ18X1.5
217-078572NA0151-180KNHM18X1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ18X1.5
217-076573KNHM20X1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ20X1.5
215-066173KNHM20X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 20 X 1.5
217-080573NA0150-200KNHM20X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ20X1.5
217-078573NA0151-200KNHM20X1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ20X1.5
217-076373KNHM20x2.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ20X2.5
217-080373KNHM20X2.5MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ20X2.5
217-078373KNHM20X2.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ20X2.5
217-076574KNHM22X1.5Insert, HD, SHD MJ22X1.5
215-066174KNHM22X1.5FInsert, HD, CHD M 22 X 1.5
217-080574NA0150-220KNHM22X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ22X1.5
217-078574NA0151-220KNHM22X1.5TInsert, HD, AHD MJ22X1.5
217-076575KNHM24X2.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ24X2.0
217-080575NA0150-240KNHM24X2.0MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ24X2.0
217-078575NA0151-240KNHM24X2.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ24X2.0
215-066175KNHM24X2FInsert, HD, CHD M 24 X 2.0
217-076375KNHM24x3.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ24X3.0
217-080375KNHM24X3.0MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ24X3.0
217-078375KNHM24X3.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ24X3.0
217-076363KNHM4x0.7Insert, HD, SHD MJ4X0.7
215-065963KNHM4X0.7FInsert, HD, CHD M 4 X 0.7
217-080363NA0150-040KNHM4X0.7MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ4X0.7
217-078363NA0151-040KNHM4X0.7TInsert, HD, AHD MJ4X0.7
217-076364KNHM5x0.8Insert, HD, SHD MJ5X0.8
215-065964KNHM5X0.8FInsert, HD, CHD M 5 X 0.8
217-080364NA0150-050KNHM5X0.8MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ5X0.8
217-078364NA0151-050KNHM5X0.8TInsert, HD, AHD MJ5X0.8
217-076365KNHM6x1.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ6X1.0
217-080365NA0150-060KNHM6X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ6X1.0
217-078365NA0151-060KNHM6X1.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ6X1.0
215-065965KNHM6X1FInsert, HD, CHD M 6 X 1.0
217-08036XNA0150-070KNHM7X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ7X1.0
217-07836XNA0151-070KNHM7X1.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ7X1.0
217-076566KNHM8X1.0Insert, HD, SHD MJ8X1.0
215-066166KNHM8X1.0FInsert, HD, CHD M 8 X 1.0
217-080566NA0150-080KNHM8X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, FHD MJ8X1.0
217-078566NA0151-080KNHM8X1.0TInsert, HD, AHD MJ8X1.0
217-076366KNHM8x1.25Insert, HD, SHD MJ8X1.25
215-065966KNHM8X1.25FInsert, HD, CHD M 8 X 1.25
217-080366KNHM8X1.25MX**Insert, HD, FHD MJ8X1.25
217-078366KNHM8X1.25TInsert, HD, AHD MJ8X1.25
217-077567KNHML10X1.25Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ10X1.25
217-081567NA0150E100KNHML10X1.25MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ10X1.25
217-079567NA0151E100KNHML10x1.25TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ10X1.25
217-077367KNHML10x1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ10x1.5
217-081367KNHML10X1.5MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ10x1.5
217-079367KNHML10x1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ10x1.5
217-077569KNHML12X1.25Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ12X1.25
217-081569NA0150E120KNHML12X1.25MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ12X1.25
217-079569NA0151E120KNHML12X1.25TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ12X1.25
217-07736XKNHML12x1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ12x1.5
217-077369KNHML12x1.75Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ12x1.75
217-081369KNHML12X1.75MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ12x1.75
217-079369KNHML12X1.75TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ12x1.75
217-077570KNHML14X1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ14X1.5
217-081570NA0150E140KNHML14X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ14X1.5
217-079570NA0151E140KNHML14X1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ14X1.5
217-077370KNHML14x2.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ14x2.0
217-081370KNHML14X2.0MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ14x2.0
217-079370KNHML14X2.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ14x2.0
217-077571KNHML16X1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ16X1.5
217-081571NA0150E160KNHML16X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ16X1.5
217-079571NA0151E160KNHML16X1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ16X1.5
217-077371KNHML16x2.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ16x2.0
217-081371KNHML16X2.0MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ16x2.0
217-079371KNHML16X2.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ16x2.0
217-077572KNHML18X1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ18X1.5
217-081572NA0150E180KNHML18X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ18X1.5
217-079572NA0151E180KNHML18X1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ18X1.5
217-077573KNHML20X1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ20X1.5
217-081573NA0150E200KNHML20X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ20X1.5
217-079573NA0151E200KNHML20X1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ20X1.5
217-077373KNHML20x2.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ20x2.5
217-081373KNHML20X2.5MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ20x2.5
217-079373KNHML20X2.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ20x2.5
217-077574KNHML22X1.5Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ22X1.5
217-081574NA0150E220KNHML22X1.5MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ22X1.5
217-079574NA0151E220KNHML22X1.5TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ22X1.5
217-077575KNHML24X2.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ24X2.0
217-081575NA0150E240KNHML24X2.0MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ24X2.0
217-079575NA0151E240KNHML24X2.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ24X2.0
217-077375KNHML24x3.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ24x3.0
217-081375KNHML24X3.0MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ24x3.0
217-079375KNHML24X3.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ24x3.0
217-077363KNHML4x0.7Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ4x0.7
217-081363NA0150E040KNHML4X0.7MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ4x0.7
217-079363NA0151E040KNHML4X0.7TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ4x0.7
217-077364KNHML5x0.8Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ5x0.8
217-081364NA0150E050KNHML5X0.8MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ5x0.8
217-079364NA0151E050KNHML5X0.8TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ5x0.8
217-077365KNHML6x1.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ6x1.0
217-081365NA0150E060KNHML6X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ6x1.0
217-079365NA0151E060KNHML6X1.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ6x1.0
217-08136XNA0150E070KNHML7X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ7X1.0
217-07936XNA0151E070KNHML7X1.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ7X1.0
217-077566KNHML8X1.0Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ8X1.0
217-081566NA0150E080KNHML8X1.0MXSZInsert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ8X1.0
217-079566NA0151E080KNHML8X1.0TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ8X1.0
217-077366KNHML8x1.25Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL MJ8x1.25
217-081366KNHML8X1.25MX**Insert, HD, Thread Locking, FHDL MJ8x1.25
217-079366KNHML8X1.25TInsert, HD, Thread Locking, AHDL MJ8x1.25
217-076331KNHXH0632JInsert, XD, SXD 6-32J
217-076332KNHXH0832JInsert, XD, SXD 8-32J
217-076340MS51832-108KNHXH1011JInsert, XD, SXD 5/8-11J
217-080340MS51832A108KNHXH1011JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 5/8-11J
217-078340MS51832CA108KNHXH1011JTInsert, XD, AXD 5/8-11J
217-076540MS51832-208KNHXH1018JInsert, XD, SXD 5/8-18J
217-080540MS51832A208KNHXH1018JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 5/8-18J
217-078540MS51832CA208KNHXH1018JTInsert, XD, AXD 5/8-18J
217-076333MS51832-101KNHXH1024JInsert, XD, SXD 10-24J
217-080333MS51832A101KNHXH1024JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 10-24J
217-078333MS51832CA101KNHXH1024JTInsert, XD, AXD 10-24J
217-076533MS51832-201KNHXH1032JInsert, XD, SXD 10-32J
217-080533MS51832A201KNHXH1032JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 10-32J
217-078533MS51832CA201KNHXH1032JTInsert, XD, AXD 10-32J
217-076341MS51832-109KNHXH1210JInsert, XD, SXD 3/4-10J
217-080341MS51832A109KNHXH1210JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 3/4-10J
217-078341MS51832CA109KNHXH1210JTInsert, XD, AXD 3/4-10J
217-076541MS51832-209KNHXH1216JInsert, XD, SXD 3/4-16J
217-080541MS51832A209KNHXH1216JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 3/4-16J
217-078541MS51832CA209KNHXH1216JTInsert, XD, AXD 3/4-16J
217-076342MS51832-110KNHXH1409JInsert, XD, SXD 7/8-9J
217-080342MS51832A110KNHXH1409JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 7/8-9J
217-078342MS51832CA110KNHXH1409JTInsert, XD, AXD 7/8-9J
217-076542MS51832-210KNHXH1414JInsert, XD, SXD 7/8-14J
217-080542MS51832A210KNHXH1414JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 7/8-14J
217-078542MS51832CA210KNHXH1414JTInsert, XD, AXD 7/8-14J
217-076343MS51832-111KNHXH1608JInsert, XD, SXD 1"-8
217-080343MS51832A111KNHXH1608JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1"-8J
217-078343MS51832CA111KNHXH1608JTInsert, XD, AXD 1"-8J
217-076543MS51832-211KNHXH1612JInsert, XD, SXD 1"-12J
217-080543MS51832A211KNHXH1612JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1"-12J
217-078543MS51832CA211KNHXH1612JTInsert, XD, AXD 1"-12J
217-076334MS51832-102KNHXH420JInsert, XD, SXD 1/4-20J
217-080334MS51832A102KNHXH420JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1/4-20J
217-078334MS51832CA102KNHXH420JTInsert, XD, AXD 1/4-20J
217-076534MS51832-202KNHXH428JInsert, XD, SXD 1/4-28J
217-080534MS51832A202KNHXH428JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1/4-28J
217-078534MS51832CA202KNHXH428JTInsert, XD, AXD 1/4-28J
217-076335MS51832-103KNHXH518JInsert, XD, SXD 5/16-18J
217-080335MS51832A103KNHXH518JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 5/16-18J
217-078335MS51832CA103KNHXH518JTInsert, XD, AXD 5/16-18J
217-076535MS51832-203KNHXH524JInsert, XD, SXD 5/16-24J
217-080535MS51832A203KNHXH524JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 5/16-24J
217-078535MS51832CA203KNHXH524JTInsert, XD, AXD 5/16-24J
217-076336MS51832-104KNHXH616JInsert, XD, SXD 3/8-16J
217-080336MS51832A104KNHXH616JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 3/8-16J
217-078336MS51832CA104KNHXH616JTInsert, XD, AXD 3/8-16J
217-076536MS51832-204KNHXH624JInsert, XD, SXD 3/8-24J
217-080536MS51832A204KNHXH624JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 3/8-24J
217-078536MS51832CA204KNHXH624JTInsert, XD, AXD 3/8-24J
217-076337MS51832-105KNHXH714JInsert, XD, SXD 7/16-14J
217-080337MS51832A105KNHXH714JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 7/16-14J
217-078337MS51832CA105KNHXH714JTInsert, XD, AXD 7/16-14J
217-076537MS51832-205KNHXH720JInsert, XD, SXD 7/16-20J
217-080537MS51832A205KNHXH720JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 7/16-20J
217-078537MS51832CA205KNHXH720JTInsert, XD, AXD 7/16-20J
217-076338MS51832-106KNHXH813JInsert, XD, SXD 1/2-13J
217-080338MS51832A106KNHXH813JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1/2-13J
217-078338MS51832CA106KNHXH813JTInsert, XD, AXD 1/2-13J
217-076538MS51832-206KNHXH820JInsert, XD, SXD 1/2-20J
217-080538MS51832A206KNHXH820JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 1/2-20J
217-078538MS51832CA206KNHXH820JTInsert, XD, AXD 1/2-20J
217-076339MS51832-107KNHXH912JInsert, XD, SXD 9/16-12J
217-080339MS51832A107KNHXH912JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 9/16-12J
217-078339MS51832CA107KNHXH912JTInsert, XD, AXD 9/16-12J
217-076539MS51832-207KNHXH918JInsert, XD, SXD 9/16-18J
217-080539MS51832A207KNHXH918JMXSYInsert, XD, FXD 9/16-18J
217-078539MS51832CA207KNHXH918JTInsert, XD, AXD 9/16-18J
217-077331KNHXHL0632JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 6-32J
217-077332KNHXHL0832JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 8-32J
217-077340MS51832-108LKNHXHL1011JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 5/8-11J
217-081340MS51832A108LKNHXHL1011JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 5/8-11J
217-079340MS51832CA108LKNHXHL1011JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 5/8-11J
217-077540MS51832-208LKNHXHL1018JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 5/8-18J
217-081540MS51832A208LKNHXHL1018JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 5/8-18J
217-079540MS51832CA208LKNHXHL1018JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 5/8-18J
217-077333MS51832-101LKNHXHL1024JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 10-24J
217-081333MS51832A101LKNHXHL1024JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 10-24J
217-079333MS51832CA101LKNHXHL1024JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 10-24J
217-077533MS51832-201LKNHXHL1032JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 10-32J
217-081533MS51832A201LKNHXHL1032JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 10-32J
217-079533MS51832CA201LKNHXHL1032JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 10-32J
217-077341MS51832-109LKNHXHL1210JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 3/4-10J
217-081341MS51832A109LKNHXHL1210JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 3/4-10J
217-079341MS51832CA109LKNHXHL1210JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 3/4-10J
217-077541MS51832-209LKNHXHL1216JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 3/4-16J
217-081541MS51832A209LKNHXHL1216JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 3/4-16J
217-079541MS51832CA209LKNHXHL1216JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 3/4-16J
217-077342MS51832-110LKNHXHL1409JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 7/8-9J
217-081342MS51832A110LKNHXHL1409JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 7/8-9J
217-079342MS51832CA110LKNHXHL1409JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 7/8-9J
217-077542MS51832-210LKNHXHL1414JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 7/8-14J
217-081542MS51832A210LKNHXHL1414JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 7/8-14J
217-079542MS51832CA210LKNHXHL1414JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 7/8-14J
217-077343MS51832-111LKNHXHL1608JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1"-8J
217-081343MS51832A111LKNHXHL1608JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1"-8J
217-079343MS51832CA111LKNHXHL1608JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1"-8J
217-077543MS51832-211LKNHXHL1612JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1"-12J
217-081543MS51832A211LKNHXHL1612JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1"-12J
217-079543MS51832CA211LKNHXHL1612JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1"-12J
217-077334MS51832-102LKNHXHL420JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1/4-20J
217-081334MS51832A102LKNHXHL420JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1/4-20J
217-079334MS51832CA102LKNHXHL420JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1/4-20J
217-077534MS51832-202LKNHXHL428JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1/4-28J
217-081534MS51832A202LKNHXHL428JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1/4-28J
217-079534MS51832CA202LKNHXHL428JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1/4-28J
217-077335MS51832-103LKNHXHL518JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 5/16-18J
217-081335MS51832A103LKNHXHL518JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 5/16-18J
217-079335MS51832CA103LKNHXHL518JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 5/16-18J
217-077535MS51832-203LKNHXHL524JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 5/16-24J
217-081535MS51832A203LKNHXHL524JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 5/16-24J
217-079535MS51832CA203LKNHXHL524JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 5/16-24J
217-077336MS51832-104LKNHXHL616JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 3/8-16J
217-081336MS51832A104LKNHXHL616JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 3/8-16J
217-079336MS51832CA104LKNHXHL616JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 3/8-16J
217-077536MS51832-204LKNHXHL624JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 3/8-24J
217-081536MS51832A204LKNHXHL624JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 3/8-24J
217-079536MS51832CA204LKNHXHL624JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 3/8-24J
217-077337MS51832-105LKNHXHL714JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 7/16-14J
217-081337MS51832A105LKNHXHL714JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 7/16-14J
217-079337MS51832CA105LKNHXHL714JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 7/16-14J
217-077537MS51832-205LKNHXHL720JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 7/16-20J
217-081537MS51832A205LKNHXHL720JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 7/16-20J
217-079537MS51832CA205LKNHXHL720JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 7/16-20J
217-077338MS51832-106LKNHXHL813JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1/2-13J
217-081338MS51832A106LKNHXHL813JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1/2-13J
217-079338MS51832CA106LKNHXHL813JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1/2-13J
217-077538MS51832-206LKNHXHL820JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 1/2-20J
217-081538MS51832A206LKNHXHL820JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 1/2-20J
217-079538MS51832CA206LKNHXHL820JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 1/2-20J
217-077339MS51832-107LKNHXHL912JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 9/16-12J
217-081339MS51832A107LKNHXHL912JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 9/16-12J
217-079339MS51832CA107LKNHXHL912JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 9/16-12J
217-077539MS51832-207LKNHXHL918JInsert, XD, Thread Locking, SXDL 9/16-18J
217-081539MS51832A207LKNHXHL918JMXSYInsert, XD, Thread Locking, FXDL 9/16-18J
217-079539MS51832CA207LKNHXHL918JTInsert, XD, Thread Locking, AXDL 9/16-18J
215-066406KNJ10Insert, Blank, SBK 5/8
215-066413KNJ11Insert, Blank, SBK 11/16-11
215-066414KNJ13Insert, Blank, SBK 13/16-16
215-066408KNJ14Insert, Blank, SBK 7/8
215-066410KNJ18Insert, Blank, SBK 1-1/8
215-066411KNJ20Insert, Blank, SBK 1-1/4
215-066412KNJ22Insert, Blank, SBK 1-3/8
215-066401KNJ5Insert, Blank, SBK 5/16
215-066402KNJ6Insert, Blank, SBK 3/8
215-066403KNJ7Insert, Blank, SBK 7/16
215-066404KNJ8Insert, Blank, SBK 1/2
215-066405KNJ9Insert, Blank, SBK 9/16
218-087283KNK0256JFloating, IB, SFI 2-56J
218-089283KNK0256JMXSXFloating, IB, FFI 2-56J
218-088283KNK0256JTFloating, IB, AFI 2-56J
218-087284KNK0440JFloating, IB, SFI 4-40J
218-089284KNK0440JMXSXFloating, IB, FFI 4-40J
218-088284KNK0440JTFloating, IB, AFI 4-40J
218-087285KNK0632JFloating, IB, SFI 6-32J
218-089285KNK0632JMXSXFloating, IB, FFI 6-32J
218-088285KNK0632JTFloating, IB, AFI 6-32J
218-087286KNK0832JFloating, IB, SFI 8-32J
218-089286KNK0832JMXSXFloating, IB, FFI 8-32J
218-088286KNK0832JTFloating, IB, AFI 8-32J
218-089303KNK518JFloating, HD, FFH 5/16-18J
218-089403KNK524JFloating, HD, FFH 5/16-24J
218-089301KNKD1024JFloating, HD, FFH 10-24J
218-087301KNKD1024JSFloating, HD, SFH 10-24J
218-088301KNKD1024JTFloating, HD, AFH 10-24J
218-089401KNKD1032JFloating, HD, FFH 10-32J
218-087401KNKD1032JSFloating, HD, SFH 10-32J
218-088401KNKD1032JTFloating, HD, AFH 10-32J
218-089302KNKD420JFloating, HD, FFH 1/4-20J
218-087302KNKD420JSFloating, HD, SFH 1/4-20J
218-088302KNKD420JTFloating, HD, AFH 1/4-20J
218-089402KNKD428JFloating, HD, FFH 1/4-28J
218-087402KNKD428JSFloating, HD, SFH 1/4-28J
218-088402KNKD428JTFloating, HD, AFH 1/4-28J
218-087303 KNKD518JSFloating, HD, SFH 5/16-18J
218-088303KNKD518JTFloating, HD, AFH 5/16-18J
218-087403KNKD524JSFloating, HD, SFH 5/16-24J
218-088403KNKD524JTFloating, HD, AFH 5/16-24J
218-089304KNKD616JFloating, HD, FFH 3/8-16J
218-087304KNKD616JSFloating, HD, SFH 3/8-16J
218-088304KNKD616JTFloating, HD, AFH 3/8-16J
218-089404KNKD624JFloating, HD, FFH 3/8-24J
218-087404KNKD624JSFloating, HD, SFH 3/8-24J
218-088404KNKD624JTFloating, HD, AFH 3/8-24J
218-089305KNKD714JFloating, HD, FFH 7/16-14J
218-087305KNKD714JSFloating, HD, SFH 7/16-14J
218-088305KNKD714JTFloating, HD, AFH 7/16-14J
218-089405KNKD720JFloating, HD, FFH 7/16-20J
218-087405KNKD720JSFloating, HD, SFH 7/16-20J
218-088405KNKD720JTFloating, HD, AFH 7/16-20J
218-089306KNKD813JFloating, HD, FFH 1/2-13J
218-087306KNKD813JSFloating, HD, SFH 1/2-13J
218-088306KNKD813JTFloating, HD, AFH 1/2-13J
218-089406KNKD820JFloating, HD, FFH 1/2-20J
218-087406KNKD820JSFloating, HD, SFH 1/2-20J
218-088406KNKD820JTFloating, HD, AFH 1/2-20J
218-089501KNKDL1024JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 10-24J
218-087601KNKDL1024JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 10-24J
218-088501KNKDL1024JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 10-24J
218-089601KNKDL1032JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 10-32J
218-087701KNKDL1032JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 10-32J
218-088601KNKDL1032JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 10-32J
218-089502KNKDL420JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 1/4-20J
218-087602KNKDL420JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 1/4-20J
218-088502KNKDL420JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 1/4-20J
218-089602KNKDL428JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 1/4-28J
218-087702KNKDL428JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 1/4-28J
218-088602KNKDL428JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 1/4-28J
218-087603KNKDL518JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 5/16-18J
218-088503KNKDL518JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 5/16-18J
218-087703KNKDL524JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 5/16-24J
218-088603KNKDL524JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 5/16-24J
218-089504KNKDL616JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 3/8-16J
218-087604KNKDL616JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 3/8-16J
218-088504KNKDL616JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 3/8-16J
218-089604KNKDL624JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 3/8-24J
218-087704KNKDL624JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 3/8-24J
218-088604KNKDL624JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 3/8-24J
218-089505KNKDL714JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 7/16-14J
218-087605KNKDL714JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 7/16-14J
218-088505KNKDL714JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 7/16-14J
218-089605KNKDL720JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 7/16-20J
218-087705KNKDL720JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 7/16-20J
218-088605KNKDL720JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 7/16-20J
218-089506KNKDL813JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 1/2-13J
218-087606KNKDL813JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 1/2-13J
218-088506KNKDL813JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 1/2-13J
218-089606KNKDL820JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 1/2-20J
218-087706KNKDL820JSFloating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL 1/2-20J
218-088606KNKDL820JTFloating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL 1/2-20J
218-087583KNKL0256JFloating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL 2-56J
218-089483KNKL0256JMXSXFloating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL 2-56J
218-088583KNKL0256JTFloating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL 2-56J
218-087584KNKL0440JFloating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL 4-40J
218-089484KNKL0440JMXSXFloating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL 4-40J
218-088584KNKL0440JTFloating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL 4-40J
218-087585KNKL0632JFloating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL 6-32J
218-089485KNKL0632JMXSXFloating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL 6-32J
218-088585KNKL0632JTFloating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL 6-32J
218-087586KNKL0832JFloating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL 8-32J
218-089486KNKL0832JMXSXFloating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL 8-32J
218-088586KNKL0832JTFloating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL 8-32J
218-089503KNKL518JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 5/16-18J
218-089603KNKL524JFloating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL 5/16-24J
217-077288NAS1394C08LKNL0832JInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, SIBNL 8-32J
217-081288NAS1394-08LKNL0832JMXSZInsert, IBN, Thread Locking, FIBNL 8-32J
217-079288NAS1394CA08LKNL0832JTInsert, IB, Thread Locking, AIBNL 8-32J
217-077321MS51830-105LKNL1024JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 10-24J
217-081321MS51830A105LKNL1024JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 10-24J
217-079321MS51830CA105LKNL1024JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 10-24J
217-077521MS51830-201LNAS1394C3LKNL1032JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 10-32J
217-081521MS51830A201LKNL1032JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 10-32J
217-081521NAS1394-3LKNL1032JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 10-32J
217-079521MS51830CA201LNAS1394CA3LKNL1032JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 10-32J
217-077322MS51830-106LKNL420JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/4-20J
217-081322MS51830A106LKNL420JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/4-20J
217-079322MS51830CA106LKNL420JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 1/4-20J
217-077522MS51830-202LNAS1394C4LKNL428JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/4-28J
217-081522MS51830A202LKNL428JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/4-28J
217-081522NAS1394-4LKNL428JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/4-28J
217-079522MS51830CA202LNAS1394CA4LKNL428JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 1/4-28J
217-077323MS51830-107LKNL518JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 5/16-18J
217-081323MS51830A107LKNL518JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 5/16-18J
217-079323MS51830CA107LKNL518JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 5/16-18J
217-077523MS51830-203LNAS1394C5LKNL524JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 5/16-24J
217-081523MS51830A203LKNL524JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 5/16-24J
217-081523NAS1394-5LKNL524JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 5/16-24J
217-079523MS51830CA203LNAS1394CA5LKNL524JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 5/16-24J
217-077324MS51830-108LKNL616JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 3/8-16J
217-081324MS51830A108LKNL616JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 3/8-16J
217-079324MS51830CA108LKNL616JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 3/8-16J
217-077524MS51830-204LNAS1394C6LKNL624JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 3/8-24J
217-081524MS51830A204LKNL624JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 3/8-24J
217-081524NAS1394-6LKNL624JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 3/8-24J
217-079524MS51830CA204LNAS1394CA6LKNL624JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 3/8-24J
217-077325MS51830-109LKNL714JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 7/16-14J
217-081325MS51830A109LKNL714JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 7/16-14J
217-079325MS51830CA109LKNL714JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 7/16-14J
217-077525MS51830-205LNAS1394C7LKNL720JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 7/16-20J
217-081525MS51830A205LKNL720JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 7/16-20J
217-081525NAS1394-7LKNL720JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 7/16-20J
217-079525MS51830CA205LNAS1394CA7LKNL720JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 7/16-20J
217-077326MS51830-110LKNL813JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/2-13J
217-081326MS51830A110LKNL813JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/2-13J
217-079326MS51830CA110LKNL813JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 1/2-13J
217-077526MS51830-206LNAS1394C8LKNL820JInsert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/2-20J
217-081526MS51830A206LKNL820JMXSYInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/2-20J
217-081526NAS1394-8LKNL820JMXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL 1/2-20J
217-079526MS51830CA206LNAS1394CA8LKNL820JTInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL 1/2-20J
217-076555KNM10X1.25Insert, TW, STW MJ10X1.25
215-066155KNM10X1.25FInsert, TW, CTW M 10 X 1.25
217-080555NA0148-100KNM10X1.25MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ10X1.25
217-078555NA0149-100KNM10x1.25TInsert, TW, ATW MJ10X1.25
217-076355KNM10x1.5Insert, TW, STW MJ10X1.5
215-065955KNM10X1.5FInsert, TW, CTW M 10 X 1.5
217-080355KNM10X1.5MX**Insert, TW, FTW MJ10X1.5
217-078355KNM10X1.5TInsert, TW, ATW MJ10X1.5
217-076556KNM12X1.25Insert, TW, STW MJ12X1.25
215-066156KNM12X1.25FInsert, TW, CTW M 12 X 1.25
217-080556NA0148-120KNM12X1.25MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ12X1.25
217-078556NA0149-120KNM12X1.25TInsert, TW, ATW MJ12X1.25
217-076356KNM12x1.75Insert, TW, STW MJ12X1.75
215-065956KNM12X1.75FInsert, TW, CTW M 12 X 1.75
217-080356KNM12X1.75MX**Insert, TW, FTW MJ12X1.75
217-078356KNM12X1.75TInsert, TW, ATW MJ12X1.75
217-076551KNM5x0.5Insert, TW, STW MJ5X0.5
217-076351KNM5x0.8Insert, TW, STW MJ5X0.8
215-065951KNM5x0.8FInsert, TW, CTW M 5 X 0.8
217-080351NA0148-050KNM5X0.8MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ5X0.8
217-078351NA0149-050KNM5X0.8TInsert, TW, ATW MJ5X0.8
217-076552KNM6x0.75Insert, TW, STW MJ6X0.75
217-076352KNM6x1.0Insert, TW, STW MJ6X1.0
217-080352NA0148-060KNM6X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ6X1.0
217-078352NA0149-060KNM6X1.0TInsert, TW, ATW MJ6X1.0
215-065952KNM6X1FInsert, TW, CTW M 6 X 1.0
217-08035XNA0148-070KNM7X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ7X1.0
217-07835XNA0149-070KNM7X1.0TInsert, TW, ATW MJ7X1.0
215-06595XKNM7X1FInsert, TW, CTW M 7X1.0
217-076553KNM8X1.0Insert, TW, STW MJ8X1.0
217-080553NA0148-080KNM8X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ8X1.0
217-078553NA0149-080KNM8X1.0TInsert, TW, ATW MJ8X1.0
217-076353KNM8x1.25Insert, TW, STW MJ8X1.25
215-065953KNM8X1.25FInsert, TW, CTW M 8 X 1.25
217-080353KNM8X1.25MXSZInsert, TW, FTW MJ8X1.25
217-078353KNM8X1.25TInsert, TW, ATW MJ8X1.25
215-066153KNM8X1FInsert, TW, CTW M 8 X 1.0
217-077555KNML10X1.25Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ10X1.25
217-081555NA0148E100KNML10X1.25MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ10X1.25
217-079555NA0149E100KNML10x1.25TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ10X1.25
217-077355KNML10x1.5Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ10x1.5
217-081355KNML10X1.5MX**Insert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ10x1.5
217-079355KNML10X1.5TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ10x1.5
217-077556KNML12X1.25Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ12X1.25
217-081556NA0148E120KNML12X1.25MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ12X1.25
217-079556NA0149E120KNML12X1.25TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ12X1.25
217-077356KNML12x1.75Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ12x1.75
217-081356KNML12X1.75MX**Insert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ12x1.75
217-079356KNML12X1.75TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ12x1.75
217-077551KNML5x0.5Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ5x0.5
217-077351KNML5x0.8Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ5x0.8
217-081351NA0148E050KNML5X0.8MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ5x0.8
217-079351NA0149E050KNML5X0.8TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ5x0.8
217-077552KNML6x0.75Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ6x0.75
217-077352KNML6x1.0Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ6x1.0
217-081352NA0148E060KNML6X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ6x1.0
217-079352NA0149E060KNML6X1.0TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ6x1.0
217-08135XNA0148E070KNML7X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ7x1.0
217-079359NA0149E070KNML7X1.0TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ7X1.0
217-077553KNML8X1.0Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ8X1.0
217-081553NA0148E080KNML8X1.0MXSZInsert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ8X1.0
217-079553NA0149E080KNML8X1.0TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ8X1.0
217-077353KNML8x1.25Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL MJ8x1.25
217-081353KNML8X1.25MX**Insert, TW, Thread Locking, FTWL MJ8x1.25
217-079353KNML8X1.25TInsert, TW, Thread Locking, ATWL MJ8x1.25
215-066111RKK1"-12Insert, HD, CHD 1" - 12
215-066112RKK1"-14Insert, HD, CHD 1" - 14
215-065911RKK1"-8Insert, HD, CHD 1" - 8
215-065906RKK1/2-13Insert, HD, CHD 1/2 - 13
215-066106RKK1/2-20Insert, HD, CHD 1/2 - 20
215-065902RKK1/4-20Insert, HD, CHD 1/4 - 20
215-066102RKK1/4-28Insert, HD, CHD 1/4 - 28
215-065901RKK10-24Insert, HD, CHD 10 - 24
215-066101RKK10-32Insert, HD, CHD 10 - 32
215-066116RKK1-1/2-12Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/2 - 12
215-065916RKK1-1/2-6Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/2 - 6
215-066114RKK1-1/4-12Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/4 - 12
215-065914RKK1-1/4-7Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/4 - 7
215-066113RKK1-1/8-12Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/8 - 12
215-065913RKK1-1/8-7Insert, HD, CHD 1-1/8 - 7
215-065909RKK3/4-10Insert, HD, CHD 3/4 - 10
215-066109RKK3/4-16Insert, HD, CHD 3/4 - 16
215-065904RKK3/8-16Insert, HD, CHD 3/8 - 16
215-066104RKK3/8-24Insert, HD, CHD 3/8 - 24
215-065903RKK5/16-18Insert, HD, CHD 5/16 - 18
215-066103RKK5/16-24Insert, HD, CHD 5/16 - 24
215-065908RKK5/8-11Insert, HD, CHD 5/8 - 11
215-066108RKK5/8-18Insert, HD, CHD 5/8 - 18
215-065905RKK7/16-14Insert, HD, CHD 7/16 - 14
215-066105RKK7/16-20Insert, HD, CHD 7/16 - 20
215-066110RKK7/8-14Insert, HD, CHD 7/8 - 14
215-065910RKK7/8-9Insert, HD, CHD 7/8 - 9
215-065900RKK8-32Insert, HD, CHD 8 - 32
215-065907RKK9/16-12Insert, HD, CHD 9/16 - 12
215-066107RKK9/16-18Insert, HD, CHD 9/16 - 18
215-065926RKKA1/2-13Insert, TW, CTW 1/2 - 13
215-066126RKKA1/2-20Insert, TW, CTW 1/2 - 20
215-065922RKKA1/4-20Insert, TW, CTW 1/4 - 20
215-066122RKKA1/4-28Insert, TW, CTW 1/4 - 28
215-065921RKKA10-24Insert, TW, CTW 10 - 24
215-066121RKKA10-32Insert, TW, CTW 10 - 32
215-065924RKKA3/8-16Insert, TW, CTW 3/8 - 16
215-066124RKKA3/8-24Insert, TW, CTW 3/8 - 24
215-065923RKKA5/16-18Insert, TW, CTW 5/16 - 18
215-066123RKKA5/16-24Insert, TW, CTW 5/16 - 24
215-065925RKKA7/16-14Insert, TW, CTW 7/16 - 14
215-066125RKKA7/16-20Insert, TW, CTW 7/16 - 20
217-072568TD1024LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-3
217-072569TD1032LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-332
217-072570TD420LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-4
217-072571TD428LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-428
217-072572TD518LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-5
217-072573TD524LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-524
217-072574TD616LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-6
217-072575TD624LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-624
217-072576TD714LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-7
217-072577TD720LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-720
217-072578TD813LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-8
217-072579TD820LTool, Install, Deluxe, LDS-820
217-072590THD0832LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-08
217-072605THD1011LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-10
217-072606THD1018LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-1018
217-072591THD1024LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-3
217-072592THD1032LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-332
217-072607THD1210LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-12
217-072608THD1216LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-1216
217-072609THD1409LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-14
217-072610THD1414LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-1414
217-072611THD1608LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-16
217-072612THD1612LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-1612
217-072593THD420LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-4
217-072594THD428LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-428
217-072595THD518LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-5
217-072596THD524LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-524
217-072597THD616LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-6
217-072598THD624LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-624
217-072599THD714LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-7
217-072600THD720LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-720
217-072601THD813LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-8
217-072602THD820LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-820
217-072603THD912LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-9
217-072604THD918LTool, Install, Deluxe, HDS-918
217-072667THM10Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM10
217-072669THM12Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM12
217-072670THM14Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM14
217-072671THM16Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM16
217-072672THM18Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM18
217-072673THM20Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM20
217-072674THM22Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM22
217-072675THM24Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM24
217-072663THM4Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM4
217-072664THM5Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM5
217-072665THM6Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM6
217-072666THM8Tool, Install, Deluxe, HDSM8
217-072626THXHD0632LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-06
217-072627THXHD0832LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-08
217-072642THXHD1011LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-10
217-072643THXHD1018LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-1018
217-072628THXHD1024LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-3
217-072629THXHD1032LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-332
217-072644THXHD1210LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-12
217-072645THXHD1216LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-1216
217-072647THXHD1414LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-1414
217-072646THXHD149LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-14
217-072648THXHD1608LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-16
217-072649THXHD1612LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-1612
217-072630THXHD420LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-4
217-072631THXHD428LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-428
217-072632THXHD518LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-5
217-072633THXHD524LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-524
217-072634THXHD616LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-6
217-072635THXHD624LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-624
217-072636THXHD714LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-7
217-072637THXHD720LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-720
217-072638THXHD813LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-8
217-072639THXHD820LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-820
217-072640THXHD912LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-9
217-072641THXHD918LTool, Install, Deluxe, XDS-918
215-064806TJ10Tool, Install, BK 5/8
215-064813TJ11Tool, Install, BK 11/16
215-064814TJ13Tool, Install, BK 13/16
215-064808TJ14Tool, Install, BK 7/8
215-064810TJ18Tool, Install, BK 1-1/8
215-064811TJ20Tool, Install, BK 1-1/4
215-064812TJ22Tool, Install, BK 1-3/8
215-064801TJ5Tool, Install, BK 5/16
215-064802TJ6Tool, Install, BK 3/8
215-064803TJ7Tool, Install, BK 7/16
215-064804TJ8Tool, Install, BK 1/2
215-064805TJ9Tool, Install, BK 9/16
218-082941TK010Tool, Install, Float, FDS-10
218-082931TK02Tool, Install, Float, FDS-02
218-082932TK04Tool, Install, Float, FDS-04
218-082933TK06Tool, Install, Float, FDS-06
218-082934TK08Tool, Install, Float, FDS-08
218-082942TK4Tool, Install, Float, FDS-4
218-082943TK5Tool, Install, Float, FDS-5
218-082944TK6Tool, Install, Float, FDS-6
218-082945TK7Tool, Install, Float, FDS-7
218-082946TK8Tool, Install, Float, FDS-8
217-072683TKNCM2.5X0.45Tool, Install, Deluxe, IDSM2.5
217-072682TKNCM2X0.4Tool, Install, Deluxe, IDSM2
217-072684TKNCM3X0.5Tool, Install, Deluxe, IDSM3
217-072686TKNCM4X0.7Tool, Install, Deluxe, IDSM4
217-072655TM10Tool, Install, Deluxe, LDSM10
217-072656TM12Tool, Install, Deluxe, LDSM12
217-072651TM5Tool, Install, Deluxe, LDSM5
217-072652TM6Tool, Install, Deluxe, LDSM6
217-072653TM8Tool, Install, Deluxe, LDSM8
215-067951TR17503Kit, Single, KTW M 5 X 0.8
215-067952TR17504Kit, Single, KTW M 6 X 1.0
215-068153TR17505Kit, Single, KTW M 8 X 1.0
215-067953TR17506Kit, Single, KTW M 8 X 1.25
215-068155 TR17507Kit, Single, KTW M 10 X 1.25
215-067955TR17508Kit, Single, KTW M 10 X 1.5
215-068156TR17509Kit, Single, KTW M 12 X 1.25
215-067956TR17510Kit, Single, KTW M 12 X 1.75
215-069XXXTR17511Kit, Refill
215-068170TR17512Kit, Single, KHD M 14 X 1.5
215-067970TR17513Kit, Single, KHD M 14 X 2.0
215-068171TR17514Kit, Single, KHD M 16 X 1.5
215-068172TR17515Kit, Single, KHD M 18 X 1.5
215-068173TR17516Kit, Single, KHD M 20 X 1.5
215-068174TR17517Kit, Single, KHD M 22 X 1.5
215-068175TR17518Kit, Single, KHD M 24 X 2.0
215-064945TR17525Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, MM, Crbn
215-069XXXTR17550Kit, Assort
215-069XXXTR17553Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17554Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17555Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17556Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17557Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17558Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17559Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17560Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17561Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17562Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17563Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17564Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17565Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17566Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17567Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17568Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17595Install Tool
215-069XXXTR17596Tool, Rm & C/Snk
215-067900TR17700Kit, Single, KHD 08-32
215-067901TR17701Kit, Single, KHD 10 - 24
215-068101TR17702Kit, Single, KHD 10 - 32
215-067902TR17703Kit, Single, KHD 1/4 - 20
215-068102TR17704Kit, Single, KHD 1/4 - 28
215-067903TR17705Kit, Single, KHD 5/16 - 18
215-068103TR17706Kit, Single, KHD 5/16 - 24
215-067904TR17707Kit, Single, KHD 3/8 - 16
215-068104TR17708Kit, Single, KHD 3/8 - 24
215-067905TR17709Kit, Single, KHD 7/16 - 14
215-068105TR17710Kit, Single, KHD 7/16 - 20
215-067906TR17711Kit, Single, KHD 1/2 - 13
215-068106TR17712Kit, Single, KHD 1/2 - 20
215-067907TR17713Kit, Single, KHD 9/16 - 12
215-068107TR17714Kit, Single, KHD 9/16 - 18
215-067908TR17715Kit, Single, KHD 5/8 - 11
215-068108TR17716Kit, Single, KHD 5/8 - 18
215-067909TR17717Kit, Single, KHD 3/4 - 10
215-068109TR17718Kit, Single, KHD 3/4 - 16
215-067910TR17719Kit, Single, KHD 7/8 - 9
215-068110TR17720Kit, Single, KHD 7/8 - 14
215-067911TR17721Kit, Single, KHD 1" - 8
215-068111TR17722Kit, Single, KHD 1" - 12
215-067913TR17723Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/8 - 7
215-068113TR17724Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/8 - 12
215-067914TR17725Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/4 - 7
215-068114TR17726Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/4 - 12
215-067916TR17727Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/2 - 6
215-068116TR17728Kit, Single, KHD 1-1/2 - 12
215-064941TR17735Kit, Assort, Lg-HD, Crse, Crbn
215-064942TR17736Kit, Assort, Lg-HD, Fine, Crbn
215-067921TR17738Kit, Single, KTW 10 - 24
215-068121TR17739Kit, Single, KTW 10-32
215-067922TR17740Kit, Single, KTW 1/4 - 20
215-068122TR17741Kit, Single, KTW 1/4 - 28
215-067923TR17742Kit, Single, KTW 5/16 - 18
215-068123TR17743Kit, Single, KTW 5/16 - 24
215-067924TR17744Kit, Single, KTW 3/8 - 16
215-068124TR17745Kit, Single, KTW 3/8-24
215-067925TR17746Kit, Single, KTW 7/16 - 14
215-068125TR17747Kit, Single, KTW 7/16 - 20
215-067926TR17748Kit, Single, KTW 1/2 - 13
215-068126TR17749Kit, Single, KTW 1/2 - 20
215-069XXXTR17750Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17751Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17752Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17753Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17754Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17755Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17756Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17757Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17758Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17759Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17760Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17761Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17762Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17763Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17764Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17765Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17766Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17767Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17768Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17769Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17770Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17771Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17772Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17773Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17774Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17775Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17776Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17777Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17778Kit, Refill
215-064943TR17780Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, Crse, Crbn
215-064944TR17781Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, Fine, Crbn
215-069XXXTR17788Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17789Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17790Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17791Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17792Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17793Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17794Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17795Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17796Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17797Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17798Kit, Refill
215-069XXXTR17799Kit, Refill
215-064700TRK08Tool, Install, HD 8
215-064711TRK1"Tool, Install, HD 1"
215-064706TRK1/2Tool, Install, HD 1/2
215-064702TRK1/4Tool, Install, HD 1/4
215-064701TRK10Tool, Install, HD 10
215-064716TRK1-1/2Tool, Install, HD 1-1/2
215-064714TRK1-1/4Tool, Install, HD 1-1/4
215-064713TRK1-1/8Tool, Install, HD 1-1/8
215-064709TRK3/4Tool, Install, HD 3/4
215-064704TRK3/8Tool, Install, HD 3/8
215-064703TRK5/16Tool, Install, HD 5/16
215-064708TRK5/8Tool, Install, HD 5/8
215-064705TRK7/16Tool, Install, HD 7/16
215-064710TRK7/8Tool, Install, HD 7/8
215-064707 TRK9/16Tool, Install, HD 9/16
215-064726TRKA1/2Tool, Install, TW 1/2
215-064722TRKA1/4Tool, Install, TW 1/4
215-064721TRKA10Tool, Install, TW 10
215-064724TRKA3/8Tool, Install, TW 3/8
215-064723TRKA5/16Tool, Install, TW 5/16
215-064725TRKA7/16Tool, Install, TW 7/16
215-064770TRKHM14Tool, Install, HDM 14
215-064771TRKHM16Tool, Install, HDM 16
215-064772TRKHM18Tool, Install, HDM 18
215-064773TRKHM20Tool, Install, HDM 20
215-064774TRKHM22Tool, Install, HDM 22
215-064775TRKHM24Tool, Install, HDM 24
215-064755TRKM10Tool, Install, TWM 10
215-064756TRKM12Tool, Install, TWM 12
215-064751TRKM5Tool, Install, TWM 5
215-064752TRKM6Tool, Install, TWM 6
215-06477XTRKM7Tool, Install
215-064753TRKM8Tool, Install, TWM 8
215-064731Tool, Install, XD 6
215-064732Tool, Install, XD 8
215-064733Tool, Install, XD 10
215-064734Tool, Install, XD 1/4
215-064735Tool, Install, XD 5/16
215-064736Tool, Install, XD 3/8
215-064737Tool, Install, XD 7/16
215-064738Tool, Install, XD 1/2
215-064739Tool, Install, XD 9/16
215-064740Tool, Install, XD 5/8
215-064741Tool, Install, XD 3/4
215-064742Tool, Install, XD 7/8
215-064743Tool, Install, XD 1"
215-064763Tool, Install, HDM 4
215-064764Tool, Install, HDM 5
215-064765Tool, Install, HDM 6
215-064766Tool, Install, HDM 8
215-064767Tool, Install, HDM 10
215-064769Tool, Install, HDM 12
215-064807Tool, Install, BK 3/4
215-064809Tool, Install, BK 1"
215-064821Tool, Install, BKM 8
215-064822Tool, Install, BKM 10
215-064823Tool, Install, BKM 12
215-064824Tool, Install, BKM 14
215-064825Tool, Install, BKM 16
215-064826Tool, Install, BKM 18
215-064827Tool, Install, BKM 20
215-064828Tool, Install, BKM 22
215-064829Tool, Install, BKM 24
215-064830Tool, Install, BKM 30
215-064831Tool, Install, BKM 32
215-064832Tool, Install, BKM 33
215-064843Tool, Install, MI 6
215-064844Tool, Install, MI 8
215-064845Tool, Install, MI 10
215-064847Tool, Install, MI 12
215-064848Tool, Install, MI 14
215-064849Tool, Install, MI 16
215-064951Kit, Assort, Sm-HD, Crse, Crbn
215-064952Kit, Assort, Sm-HD, Fine, Crbn
215-064961Kit, Assort, Sm-HD, Crse, SS
215-064962Kit, Assort, Sm-HD, Fine, SS
215-064963Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, Crse SS
215-064964Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, Fine, SS
215-064965Kit, Assort, Lg-TW, Metric, SS
215-064966Kit, Assort, Lg-HD, Crse, SS
215-064967Kit, Assort, Lg-HD, Fine, SS
215-064983Kit, Assort, Sm-TW, MM, Crbn
215-064993Kit, Assort, Sm-TW, MM, SS
215-065931Insert, XD, CXD 6 - 32
215-065932Insert, XD, CXD 8 - 32
215-065933Insert, XD, CXD 10 - 24
215-065934Insert, XD, CXD 1/4 - 20
215-065935Insert, XD, CXD 5/16 - 18
215-065936Insert, XD, CXD 3/8 - 16
215-065937Insert, XD, CXD 7/16 - 14
215-065938Insert, XD, CXD 1/2 - 13
215-065939Insert, XD, CXD 9/16 - 12
215-065940Insert, XD, CXD 5/8 - 11
215-065941Insert, XD, CXD 3/4 - 10
215-065942Insert, XD, CXD 7/8 - 9
215-065943 Insert, XD, CXD 1" - 8
215-065971Insert, HD, CHD M 16 X 2.0
215-065973Insert, HD, CHD M 20 X 2.5
215-065975Insert, HD, CHD M 24 X 3.0
215-066001Insert, Blank, CBK 5/16
215-066002Insert, Blank, CBK 3/8
215-066003Insert, Blank, CBK 7/16
215-066004Insert, Blank, CBK 1/2
215-066005Insert, Blank, CBK 9/16
215-066006Insert, Blank, CBK 5/8
215-066007Insert, Blank, CBK 3/4
215-066008Insert, Blank, CBK 7/8
215-066009Insert, Blank, CBK 1"
215-066010Insert, Blank, CBK 1-1/8
215-066011Insert, Blank, CBK 1-1/4
215-066012Insert, Blank, CBK 1-3/8
215-066021Insert, Blank, CBK M 8
215-066022Insert, Blank, CBK M 10
215-066023Insert, Blank, CBK M 12
215-066024Insert, Blank, CBK M 14
215-066025Insert, Blank, CBK M 16
215-066026Insert, Blank, CBK M 18
215-066027Insert, Blank, CBK M 20
215-066028Insert, Blank, CBK M 22
215-066029Insert, Blank, CBK M 24
215-066030Insert, Blank, CBK M 30
215-066031Insert, Blank, CBK M 32
215-066032Insert, Blank, CBK M 33
215-066133Insert, XD, CXD 10 - 32
215-066134Insert, XD, CXD 1/4 - 28
215-066135Insert, XD, CXD 5/16 - 24
215-066136Insert, XD, CXD 3/8 - 24
215-066137Insert, XD, CXD 7/16 - 20
215-066138Insert, XD, CXD 1/2 - 20
215-066139Insert, XD, CXD 9/16 - 18
215-066140Insert, XD, CXD 5/8 - 18
215-066141Insert, XD, CXD 3/4 - 16
215-066142Insert, XD, CXD 7/8 - 14
215-066143Insert, XD, CXD 1" - 12
215-066243Insert, MI, CMI M 6 X 1.0
215-066244Insert, MI, CMI M 8 X 1.25
215-066245Insert, MI, CMI M 10 X 1.5
215-066247Insert, MI, CMI M 12 X 1.75
215-066248Insert, MI, CMI M 14 X 2.0
215-066249Insert, MI, CMI M 16 X 2.0
215-066300Insert, HD, SHD 8 - 32
215-066301Insert, HD, SHD 10 - 24
215-066302Insert, HD, SHD 1/4 - 20
215-066303Insert, HD, SHD 5/16 - 18
215-066304Insert, HD, SHD 3/8 - 16
215-066305Insert, HD, SHD 7/16 - 14
215-066306Insert, HD, SHD 1/2 - 13
215-066307Insert, HD, SHD 9/16 - 12
215-066308Insert, HD, SHD 5/8 - 11
215-066309Insert, HD, SHD 3/4 - 10
215-066310Insert, HD, SHD 7/8 - 9
215-066311Insert, HD, SHD 1" - 8
215-066321Insert, TW, STW 10 - 24
215-066322Insert, TW, STW 1/4 - 20
215-066323Insert, TW, STW 5/16 - 18
215-066324Insert, TW, STW 3/8 - 16
215-066325Insert, TW, STW 7/16 - 14
215-066326Insert, TW, STW 1/2 - 13
215-066331Insert, XD, SXD 6 - 32
215-066332Insert, XD, SXD 8 - 32
215-066333Insert, XD, SXD 10 - 24
215-066334Insert, XD, SXD 1/4 - 20
215-066335Insert, XD, SXD 5/16 - 18
215-066336Insert, XD, SXD 3/8 - 16
215-066337Insert, XD, SXD 7/16 - 14
215-066338Insert, XD, SXD 1/2 - 13
215-066339Insert, XD, SXD 9/16 - 12
215-066340Insert, XD, SXD 5/8 - 11
215-066341Insert, XD, SXD 3/4 - 10
215-066342Insert, XD, SXD 7/8 - 9
215-066343Insert, XD, SXD 1" - 8
215-066351Insert, TW, STW M 5 X 0.8
215-066352Insert, TW, STW M 6 X 1.0
215-066353Insert, TW, STW M 8 X 1.25
215-066355Insert, TW, STW M 10 X 1.5
215-066356Insert, TW, STW M 12 X 1.75
215-066363Insert, HD, SHD M 4 X 0.7
215-066364Insert, HD, SHD M 5 X 0.8
215-066365Insert, HD, SHD M 6 X 1.0
215-066366Insert, HD, SHD M 8 X 1.25
215-066367Insert, HD, SHD M 10 X 1.5
215-066369Insert, HD, SHD M 12 X 1.75
215-066370Insert, HD, SHD M 14 X 2.0
215-066371Insert, HD, SHD M 16 X 2.0
215-066373Insert, HD, SHD M 20 X 2.5
215-066375Insert, HD, SHD M 24 X 3.0
215-066407Insert, Blank, SBK 3/4
215-066409Insert, Blank, SBK 1"
215-066421Insert, Blank, SBK M 8
215-066422Insert, Blank, SBK M 10
215-066423Insert, Blank, SBK M 12
215-066424Insert, Blank, SBK M 14
215-066425Insert, Blank, SBK M 16
215-066426Insert, Blank, SBK M 18
215-066427Insert, Blank, SBK M 20
215-066428Insert, Blank, SBK M 22
215-066429Insert, Blank, SBK M 24
215-066430Insert, Blank, SBK M 30
215-066431Insert, Blank, SBK M 32
215-066432Insert, Blank, SBK M 33
215-066501Insert, HD, SHD 10 - 32
215-066502Insert, HD, SHD 1/4 - 28
215-066503Insert, HD, SHD 5/16 - 24
215-066504Insert, HD, SHD 3/8 - 24
215-066505Insert, HD, SHD 7/16 - 20
215-066506Insert, HD, SHD 1/2 - 20
215-066507Insert, HD, SHD 9/16 - 18
215-066508Insert, HD, SHD 5/8 - 18
215-066509Insert, HD, SHD 3/4 - 16
215-066510Insert, HD, SHD 7/8 - 14
215-066511Insert, HD, SHD 1" - 12
215-066521Insert, TW, STW 10 - 32
215-066522Insert, TW, STW 1/4 - 28
215-066523Insert, TW, STW 5/16 - 24
215-066524Insert, TW, STW 3/8 - 24
215-066525Insert, TW, STW 7/16 - 20
215-066526Insert, TW, STW 1/2 - 20
215-066533Insert, XD, SXD 10 - 32
215-066534Insert, XD, SXD 1/4 - 28
215-066535Insert, XD, SXD 5/16 - 24
215-066536Insert, XD, SXD 3/8 - 24
215-066537Insert, XD, SXD 7/16 - 20
215-066538Insert, XD, SXD 1/2 - 20
215-066539Insert, XD, SXD 9/16 - 18
215-066540Insert, XD, SXD 5/8 - 18
215-066541Insert, XD, SXD 3/4 - 16
215-066542Insert, XD, SXD 7/8 - 14
215-066543Insert, XD, SXD 1" - 12
215-066553Insert, TW, STW M 8 X 1.0
215-066555Insert, TW, STW M 10 X 1.25
215-066556Insert, TW, STW M 12 X 1.25
215-066566Insert, HD, SHD M 8 X 1.0
215-066567Insert, HD, SHD M 10 X 1.25
215-066569Insert, HD, SHD M 12 X 1.25
215-066570Insert, HD, SHD M 14 X 1.5
215-066571Insert, HD, SHD M 16 X 1.5
215-066572Insert, HD, SHD M 18 X 1.5
215-066573Insert, HD, SHD M 20 X 1.5
215-066574Insert, HD, SHD M 22 X 1.5
215-066575Insert, HD, SHD M 24 X 2.0
215-066643Insert, MI, SMI M 6 X 1.0
215-066644Insert, MI, SMI M 8 X 1.25
215-066645Insert, MI, SMI M 10 X 1.5
215-066647Insert, MI, SMI M 12 X 1.75
215-066648Insert, MI, SMI M 14 X 2.0
215-066649Insert, MI, SMI M 16 X 2.0
215-067963Kit, Single, KHD M 4 X 0.7
215-067964Kit, Single, KHD M 5 X 0.8
215-067965Kit, Single, KHD M 6 X 1.0
215-067966Kit, Single, KHD M 8 X 1.25
215-067967Kit, Single, KHD M 10 X 1.5
215-067969Kit, Single, KHD M 12 X 1.75
215-067971Kit, Single, KHD M 16 X 2.0
215-067973Kit, Single, KHD M 20 X 2.5
215-067975Kit, Single, KHD M 24 X 3.0
215-068166Kit, Single, KHD M 8 X 1.0
215-068167Kit, Single, KHD M 10 X 1.25
215-068169Kit, Single, KHD M 12 X 1.25
215-068243Kit, Single, KMI M 6 X 1.0
215-068244Kit, Single, KMI M 8 X 1.25
215-068245Kit, Single, KMI M 10 X 1.5
215-068247Kit, Single, KMI M 12 X 1.75
215-068248Kit, Single, KMI M 14 X 2.0
215-068249Kit, Single, KMI M 16 X 2.0
215-068300Kit, Single, KSHD 08-32
215-068301Kit, Single, KSHD 10 - 24
215-068302Kit, Single, KSHD 1/4 - 20
215-068303Kit, Single, KSHD 5/16 - 18
215-068304Kit, Single, KSHD 3/8 - 16
215-068305Kit, Single, KSHD 7/16 - 14
215-068306Kit, Single, KSHD 1/2 - 13
215-068307Kit, Single, KSHD 9/16 - 12
215-068308Kit, Single, KSHD 5/8 - 11
215-068309Kit, Single, KSHD 3/4 - 10
215-068310Kit, Single, KSHD 7/8 - 9
215-068311Kit, Single, KSHD 1" - 8
215-068321Kit, Single, KSTW 10-24
215-068322Kit, Single, KSTW 1/4-20
215-068323Kit, Single, KSTW 5/16-18
215-068324Kit, Single, KSTW 3/8-16
215-068325Kit, Single, KSTW 7/16-14
215-068326Kit, Single, KSTW 1/2 - 13
215-068351Kit, Single, KSTW M 5 X 0.8
215-068352Kit, Single, KSTW M 6 X 1.0
215-068353Kit, Single, KSTW M 8 X 1.25
215-068355Kit, Single, KSTW M 10 X 1.5
215-068356Kit, Single, KSTW M 12 X 1.75
215-068363Kit, Single, KSHD M 4 X 0.7
215-068364Kit, Single, KSHD M 5 X 0.8
215-068365Kit, Single, KSHD M 6 X 1.0
215-068366Kit, Single, KSHD M 8 X 1.25
215-068367Kit, Single, KSHD M 10 X 1.5
215-068369Kit, Single, KSHD M 12 X 1.75
215-068370Kit, Single, KSHD M 14 X 2.0
215-068371Kit, Single, KSHD M 16 X 2.0
215-068373Kit, Single, KSHD M 20 X 2.5
215-068375Kit, Single, KSHD M 24 X 3.0
215-068501Kit, Single, KSHD 10 - 32
215-068502 Kit, Single, KSHD 1/4 - 28
215-068503Kit, Single, KSHD 5/16 - 24
215-068504Kit, Single, KSHD 3/8 - 24
215-068505Kit, Single, KSHD 7/16 - 20
215-068506Kit, Single, KSHD 1/2 - 20
215-068507Kit, Single, KSHD 9/16 - 18
215-068508Kit, Single, KSHD 5/8 - 18
215-068509Kit, Single, KSHD 3/4 - 16
215-068510Kit, Single, KSHD 7/8 - 14
215-068511Kit, Single, KSHD 1" - 12
215-068521Kit, Single, KSTW 10-32
215-068522Kit, Single, KSTW 1/4 - 28
215-068523Kit, Single, KSTW 5/16 - 24
215-068524Kit, Single, KSTW 3/8-24
215-068525Kit, Single, KSTW 7/16 - 20
215-068526Kit, Single, KSTW 1/2 - 20
215-068553Kit, Single, KSTW M 8 X 1.0
215-068555Kit, Single, KSTW M 10 X 1.25
215-068556Kit, Single, KSTW M 12 X 1.25
215-068566Kit, Single, KSHD M 8 X 1.0
215-068567Kit, Single, KSHD M 10 X 1.25
215-068569Kit, Single, KSHD M 12 X 1.25
215-068570Kit, Single, KSHD M 14 X 1.5
215-068571Kit, Single, KSHD M 16 X 1.5
215-068572Kit, Single, KSHD M 18 X 1.5
215-068573Kit, Single, KSHD M 20 X 1.5
215-068574Kit, Single, KSHD M 22 X 1.5
215-068575Kit, Single, KSHD M 24 X 2.0
215-068643Kit, Single, KSMI M 6 X 1.0
215-068644Kit, Single, KSMI M 8 X 1.25
215-068645Kit, Single, KSMI M 10 X 1.5
215-068647Kit, Single, KSMI M 12 X 1.75
215-068648Kit, Single, KSMI M 14 X 2.0
215-068649Kit, Single, KSMI M 16 X 2.0
215-069300Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 8 - 32
215-069301Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 10 - 24
215-069302Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/4 - 20
215-069303Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/16 - 18
215-069304Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/8 - 16
215-069305Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/16 - 14
215-069306Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/2 - 13
215-069307Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 9/16 - 12
215-069308Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/8 - 11
215-069309Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/4 - 10
215-069310Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/8 - 9
215-069311Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1" - 8
215-069321Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 10 - 24
215-069322Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/4 - 20
215-069323Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 5/16 - 18
215-069324Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 3/8 - 16
215-069325Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 7/16 - 14
215-069326Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/2 - 13
215-069351Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 5x0.8
215-069352Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 6x1.0
215-069353Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 8x1.25
215-069355Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 10x1.5
215-069356Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 12x1.75
215-069363Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 4x0.7
215-069364Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 5x0.8
215-069365Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 6x1.0
215-069366Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 8x1.25
215-069367Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 10x1.5
215-069369Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 12x1.75
215-069370Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 14x2.0
215-069371Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 16x2.0
215-069373Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 20x2.5
215-069375Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 24x3.0
215-069501Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 10 - 32
215-069502Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/4 - 28
215-069503Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/16 - 24
215-069504Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/8 - 24
215-069505Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/16 - 20
215-069506Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1/2 - 20
215-069507Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 9/16 - 18
215-069508Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 5/8 - 18
215-069509Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 3/4 - 16
215-069510Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 7/8 - 14
215-069511Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL 1" - 12
215-069521Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 10 - 32
215-069522Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/4 - 28
215-069523Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 5/16 - 24
215-069524Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 3/8 - 24
215-069525Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 7/16 - 20
215-069526Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL 1/2 - 20
215-069553Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 8x1.0
215-069555Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 10x1.25
215-069556Insert, TW, Thread Locking, STWL M 12x1.25
215-069566Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 8x1.0
215-069567Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 10x1.25
215-069569Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 12x1.25
215-069570Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 14x1.5
215-069571Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 16x1.5
215-069572Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 18x1.5
215-069573Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 20x1.5
215-069574Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 22x1.5
215-069575Insert, HD, Thread Locking, SHDL M 24x1.5
216-080005Cast In, SCI 10-24
216-080007Cast In, SCI 1/4-20
216-080009Cast In, SCI 5/16-18
216-080011Cast In, SCI 3/8-16
216-080031Cast In, SCI M 3 X 0.5
216-080032Cast In, SCI M 3.5 X 0.6
216-080033Cast In, SCI M 4 X 0.7
216-080034Cast In, SCI M 5 X 0.8
216-080035Cast In, SCI M 6 X 1.0
216-080036Cast In, SCI M 8 X 1.25
216-080037Cast In, SCI M 8 X 1.0
216-080038Cast In, SCI M 10 X 1.5
216-080039Cast In, SCI M 10 X 1.25
216-080105Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 10-24
216-080107Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 1/4-20
216-080109Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 5/16-18
216-080111Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL 3/8-16
216-080131Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 3 X 0.5
216-080132Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 3.5 X 0.6
216-080133Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 4 X 0.7
216-080134Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 5 X 0.8
216-080135Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 6 X 1.0
216-080136Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 8 X 1.25
216-080137Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 8 X 1.0
216-080138Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 10 X 1.5
216-080139Cast In, Thread Locking, SCIL M 10 X 1.25
216-080205Cast In, BCI 10-24
216-080207Cast In, BCI 1/4-20
216-080209Cast In, BCI 5/16-18
216-080211Cast In, BCI 3/8-16
216-080231 Cast In, BCI M 3 X 0.5
216-080232Cast In, BCI M 3.5 X 0.6
216-080233Cast In, BCI M 4 X 0.7
216-080234Cast In, BCI M 5 X 0.8
216-080235Cast In, BCI M 6 X 1.0
216-080236Cast In, BCI M 8 X 1.25
216-080237Cast In, BCI M 8 X 1.0
216-080238Cast In, BCI M 10 X 1.5
216-080239Cast In, BCI M 10 X 1.25
217-072691Tool, Install, Deluxe, CHDS-8
217-072692Tool, Install, Deluxe, CHDS-820
217-072693Tool, Install, Deluxe, CHDS-9
217-072694Tool, Install, Deluxe, CHDS-918
217-072696Tool, Install, Deluxe, CXDS-7
217-072697Tool, Install, Deluxe, CXDS-720
217-072698Tool, Install, Deluxe, CXHDS-8
217-072699Tool, Install, Deluxe, CXHDS-820
218-087352Floating, IB, SFI MJ2X0.4
218-087353Floating, IB, SFI MJ2.5X0.45
218-087354Floating, IB, SFI MJ3X0.5
218-087356Floating, IB, SFI MJ4X0.7
218-087364Floating, HD, SFH MJ5X0.8
218-087365Floating, HD, SFH MJ6X1.0
218-087366Floating, HD, SFH MJ8X1.25
218-087367Floating, HD, SFH MJ10X1.5
218-087369Floating, HD, SFH MJ12X1.75
218-087370Floating, HD, SFH MJ14X2.0
218-087464Floating, HD, SFH MJ5X0.5
218-087465Floating, HD, SFH MJ6X0.75
218-087466 Floating, HD, SFH MJ8X1.0
218-087467Floating, HD, SFH MJ10X1.25
218-087469Floating, HD, SFH MJ12X1.25
218-087470Floating, HD, SFH MJ14X1.5
218-087652Floating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL MJ2X0.4
218-087653Floating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL MJ2.5X0.45
218-087654Floating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL MJ3X0.5
218-087656Floating, IB, Thread Locking, SFIL MJ4X0.7
218-087664Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ5X0.8
218-087665Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ6X1.0
218-087666Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ8X1.25
218-087667Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ10X1.5
218-087669Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ12X1.75
218-087670Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ14X2.0
218-087764Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ5X0.5
218-087765Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ6X0.75
218-087766Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ8X1.0
218-087767Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ10X1.25
218-087769Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ12X1.25
218-087770Floating, HD, Thread Locking, SFHL MJ14X1.5
218-088352Floating, IB, AFI MJ2X0.4
218-088353Floating, IB, AFI MJ2.5X0.45
218-088354Floating, IB, AFI MJ3X0.5
218-088356Floating, IB, AFI MJ4X0.7
218-088364Floating, HD, AFH MJ5X0.8
218-088365Floating, HD, AFH MJ6X1.0
218-088366Floating, HD, AFH MJ8X1.25
218-088367Floating, HD, AFH MJ10X1.5
218-088369Floating, HD, AFH MJ12X1.75
218-088370Floating, HD, AFH MJ14X2.0
218-088464Floating, HD, AFH MJ5X0.5
218-088465Floating, HD, AFH MJ6X0.75
218-088466Floating, HD, AFH MJ8X1.0
218-088467Floating, HD, AFH MJ10X1.25
218-088469Floating, HD, AFH MJ12X1.25
218-088470Floating, HD, AFH MJ14X1.5
218-088552Floating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL MJ2X0.4
218-088553Floating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL MJ2.5X0.45
218-088554Floating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL MJ3X0.5
218-088556Floating, IB, Thread Locking, AFIL MJ4X0.7
218-088564Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ5X0.8
218-088565Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ6X1.0
218-088566 Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ8X1.25
218-088567Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ10X1.5
218-088569Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ12X1.75
218-088570Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ14X2.0
218-088664Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ5X0.5
218-088665Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ6X0.75
218-088666Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ8X1.0
218-088667Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ10X1.25
218-088669Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ12X1.25
218-088670Floating, HD, Thread Locking, AFHL MJ14X1.5
218-089352Floating, IB, FFI MJ2X0.4
218-089353Floating, IB, FFI MJ2.5X0.45
218-089354Floating, IB, FFI MJ3X0.5
218-089356Floating, IB, FFI MJ4X0.7
218-089364Floating, HD, FFH MJ5X0.8
218-089365Floating, HD, FFH MJ6X1.0
218-089366Floating, HD, FFH MJ8X1.25
218-089367Floating, HD, FFH MJ10X1.5
218-089369Floating, HD, FFH MJ12X1.75
218-089370Floating, HD, FFH MJ14X2.0
218-089464Floating, HD, FFH MJ5X0.5
218-089465Floating, HD, FFH MJ6X0.75
218-089466Floating, HD, FFH MJ8X1.0
218-089467Floating, HD, FFH MJ10X1.25
218-089469Floating, HD, FFH MJ12X1.25
218-089470Floating, HD, FFH MJ14X1.5
218-089552Floating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL MJ2X0.4
218-089553Floating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL MJ2.5X0.45
218-089554Floating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL MJ3X0.5
218-089556Floating, IB, Thread Locking, FFIL MJ4X0.7
218-089564Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ5X0.8
218-089565Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ6X1.0
218-089566Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ8X1.25
218-089567Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ10X1.5
218-089569Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ12X1.75
218-089570Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ14X2.0
218-089664Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ5X0.5
218-089665Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ6X0.75
218-089666Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ8X1.0
218-089667Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ10X1.25
218-089669Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ12X1.25
218-089670Floating, HD, Thread Locking, FFHL MJ14X1.5

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