Captive Fastener Corporation

Captive Fastener Corporation, similar to Pem® / Penn Engineering® style clinch fastener company, has been dedicated to the manufacturer of the highest quality self-clinching nuts, studs, standoffs and panel fasteners. Located in Oakland, New Jersey, 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space has produced high quality, cost effective solutions globally since 1974. Typical sheetmetal applications are in the ATM, appliance, automotive, computer, data racking, control panels, food processing, gaming, medical equipment, self service, telecommunication, vending and most all fabricated metal industries.



Provides strong internal threads in material too thin to tap. Special versions include blind end, flush, locking and miniature types. Inch and metric sizes in steel, stainless and aluminum.



Self-clinching standoffs are designed for quick, easy installation with any standard pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical press. Through-threaded or blind standoffs are used in metal panels with thickness of .040 in. (1.0 mm) and up. No secondary operation, such as reaming or deburring, is necessary prior to installation.

Panel Fasteners


The range of panel fasteners and plastic clips available are designed to fill most fastening requirements. They hold securely in a variety of materials; the fastener is tamper resistant and is reusable. The range of applications is wide from machines, appliances, and computers to recreational vehicles and point of purchase displays.