Things to Consider When Choosing Southco Pull Handles

Southco Pull Handles

Southco Pull handles are an essential component of many types of furniture. You can find them on dressers, chests of drawers, cabinets and more. If a piece of furniture has drawers, it will likely have handles. Some machines, in fact, even have handles, with pull handles being one of the most common types of handles. You shouldn’t use any pull handles. Rather, you should consider the five following things to choose the right pull handles.

#1 – Length

When selecting Southco pull handles, the length must be taken into account. Some of them are quite short, while others are rather long. A draw handle that is excessively short could be difficult to hold onto. On the other side, if it is excessively lengthy, the pull handle might not fit. Take measurements of the piece of furniture or machine you plan to use them with before choosing pull handles that are the right length.

#2 – Through-Holes That Are Threaded or Unthreaded

There are through holes in each Southco pull handle. You must insert screws into these holes in order to attach a pull handle to the machine or piece of furniture. The pull handle through the perforations can be threaded or unthreaded, so to speak. The purpose of threaded through holes is to accommodate bolts and other similar fasteners of a certain size. Pull handles with unthreaded through holes are still usable, but you’ll need to make your own threading.

#3 – Grip Design

The grip style should also be taken into account while picking Southco pull handles. Gripping is necessary while using pull handles. To open a drawer or machine that has a pull handle fitted, you must first grasp the handle and then pull. However, there are numerous pull handle grip varieties. A few of them employ a rectangular grip. Other pull handles employ an oval or round grip type.

#4 – Content

When selecting Southco pull handles, keep the material in mind. There are various materials used to make pull handles. The most often used substance is stainless steel. This well-known iron alloy makes sturdy, corrosion-resistant pull handles.

#5 – Conclude

When selecting Southco pull handles, take the finish into consideration. Many pull handles support finishes regardless of the material they are composed of. Both pull handles with a dull finish and a chrome finish are available. Pull handles with an anodized finish are also available. Anodization is an electrochemical finishing procedure created to cover a specific surface in a material that resists corrosion.