Avdel has been a technology leader for more than 75 years with a range of blind fasteners and tooling that is one of the widest in the market:
Speed Fastening® Systems, Breakstem Systems, Lockbolt Systems, Blind Threaded, Inserts, Pierce Rivet Fastening Systems, Sealing Plugs
Installation Equipment and Assembly Stations

Blind Threaded Inserts


High quality, load bearing threads in thin materials. Quickly and reliably install threaded inserts without rework or damage to the parent application, even with painted sheet materials and tubes where there is no blind side access. Threaded inserts provide economic solutions in applications including automotive vehicles, electronics chassis manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and shipbuilding industries.

Breakstem Rivets


Fasten soft, brittle and thin metals and plastics.  The Avdel® range of breakstem fasteners meet the highest quality standards and resist the toughest environments. The flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements ensures an optimal fastening solution can be tailored to the needs of the application.

Installation Equipment


Our highly flexible, cost-effective, ergonomic installation tools are designed to reduce installation costs, increase productivity, and provide consistent placement of a wide variety of fastening solutions.